Imagine if you could take all of the guesswork out of

Course Creation.

The 5 Day Inspired Course Creation Challenge is a training series that will kickstart your first course in 85% less time.

The exact training challenge and templates you need to scale your business and convert your 1:1 services to on-demand online courses.

Did you know...

According to a recent study the global eLearning market is expected to reach $325 Billion by 2025.

That's because the learning industry worldwide is being shaken by online instruction.

Not only do WE spend a majority of our time online, our customers, clients, and business partners do too.

In today's age, you can't afford to lose out on more customers and clients.

So whether you're an established CEO with a growing small business or an ambitious solopreneur looking to scale their services with online courses...

There's never been a better time to create your first course.

But even if you agree with me, you're facing some serious cold feet because...

You've been staring at that outline for hours, and you have no idea how to put this whole course together.

That To-Do List just keeps growing...

  • Figuring out how to outline your course.
  • Googling which microphone to use.
  • Joining #all-the-Facebook-groups trying to find which screen recording software will work.
  • Opt-ing in to newsletters to find out what to say in your email to sell a course.
  • Signing up for trial after trial trying to find out which course platform is best.

The struggle is real...

  • You have a great idea but you don't know where to start.
  • You've never taught before, and you don't have a teaching background.
  • You feel like this is a HUGE project and you don't have a ton of time.

Did I mention...

  • You worry that your course won't sell.
  • You're still figuring out how to leverage email marketing.
  • You're trying to figure out how to build your email list.

Oh yea and then...

  • You're 1:1 work is keeping you from starting your course development.
  • You don't know what tech to invest in.
  • You don't know have a framework to help your students achieve real results.

Creating on-demand training has helped me tremendously build a sustainable program to help my customers and scale my services!

But honestly...

Who has time to make a course completely from scratch?

You already have enough your plate trying to juggle #allthethings.

You need to create your course...

And if any of this sounds like I hit the nail on the head, here's the truth...

  • You can GROW your email list without spending hours figuring out what to say.
  • You can develop a profitable course by using data-driven market research.
  • You can use a proven research based method to get your course developed in half the time!

There's an easier, faster, and strategic way to develop your online course without spending hours trying to figure out your outlines.


Even SUCCESSFUL course creator's, follow the same step-by-step process to make their training come alive.

Plus, your clients and customers are BEGGING you to put your training online.

And you know deep, deep down that you've been putting this off for far too long.


What's Included

  • 5 quick and easy to follow video tutorials.
  • 7 email swipe files to get your students excited to purchase!
  • An easy to follow Trello Project Management Board to create your first course

Day by Day

  • Day One:
  • Choosing your profitable course idea by using data-driven market research tactics.
  • The step-by-step strategy to finding the core frustrations that your customers face that only you can solve!
  • Day Two:
  • Deep dive into finding out who you serve and what they love!
  • The secret to finding out where all your customers hang out online.
  • Day Three:
  • Use proven cognitive research to outline and map out your course in half the time.
  • Demystify data to develop your ideas into a profitable course.
  • Create a winning timeline with an easy-to-use project planning template.
  • Day Four:
  • Use the exact same Canva graphic templates I use to design my course platform headers, thumbnails, and more.
  • Streamline your course development by using master templates in Thinkific.
  • Make learning fun with cognitive based quizzes and customized feedback!
  • Day Four:
  • Use these secret email marketing hacks to get your audience running to their inbox excited to purchase.
  • Grab and go with a super simple lead magnet that will GROW your list like never before.
  • The step-by-step process to setting up a waitlist for your course to launch to excited fans!

*Plus these bonuses*

  • Project Planning Trello Board
  • Course Marketing Instagram Captions
  • Email List Building Ebook Canva Template
  • Course Content Marketing Idea Prompts

And a special something just for you...

  • Free Trial of My Fave Course Platform
  • 14-Day Free Trial of My Go To Lead Generation Platform
  • 14 - Day Free Trial of My Go-To Email Marketing Platform
  • My Favorite Microphone Reccomendation
  • My Go-To Screen Recording Software Reccomendation.
Melody Johnson

About me...

Hi, I'm Melody. I'm the Founder of The Course Consultant, an online agency that helps small business owners scale their services into a professional online course.

Over the last 5 years, I've worked in corporate training and traditional classrooms helping people learn. With a Master's Degree in Instructional Design, I've been obssessed with making learning easy and fun.

Make sure to snag this deal real quick!

Total is valued over $400! For only $39.

  • 5 Video Tutorials ($89 value)
  • 5 Fillable PDF's ($29 value)
  • Project Planning Template ($19 value)
  • [BONUS] Trello Board ($17 value)
  • [BONUS] 7 Email Swipe Files ($89 value)
  • [BONUS] Instagram Captions ($9 value)
  • [BONUS] Canva Ebook File ($19 value)
  • [BONUS] 3 Trial Programs ($113 value)


Allison made her first $100 with her first goal setting mini-course!

My funnel is in place, which feels good! My readers tell me my lead magnet is fun and engaging so it starts off with high engagement on both sides right away!

Allison Sue

Blogger, Compass My Life

Allison Elliot

Dominique made her first course sale of $127 sharing about Financial Literacy!

Melody was great to work with, she is extremely knowledgeable in course development and copywriting.


CFO of the Chris Howell Foundation

Dominique Bryant Howell

Andrea found the step-by-step strategy she needed to develop and grow her email list to launch her course!

Melody has been so amazing to work with! She has so much valuable knowledge to share. I've worked closely with her on launching and marketing my course and she has been an absolute dream to work with!

Andrea Pavia

Social Media Manager, Andrea Maree Creative

Andrea Maree

More amazing reviews!

Course Creation Challenge


Yes! You’ll gain immediate access right after you pay. It’s so simple, you won’t regret it.

Bloggers, Coaches, Content Creators, Digital Marketing Agencies, and Online Entrepreneurs can benefit from this course and templates!

Yes. This course contains marketing strategies such as email marketing templates, social media prompts, ebook templates, and project planning templates. Although this course is mainly geared towards new course creator’s, those with currently developed courses will find helpful tips!

Maybe. This course does provide recommendations and templates for designing your course curriculum and some course landing page elements on the Thinkific platform. It does not provide however a completely done for you course landing page, salespage, or fully developed course.

Yes! If you’re not happy with your purchase before 7 days, we offer a 100% refund! To redeem your refund, you must complete less than 50% of the course and cannot advance past Day 3 of the course. You can send a request to hello@thecourseconsultant for more information. 

This course is best suited for those that currently have a website, outside of their course platform, and are currently generating revenue through services, advertisements, or selling other digital products. This course does not cover SEO strategies or website development or design.

That is awesome! If you are interested in getting the help you need for developing a course, make sure you set-up a free 1:1 call with me to see if it’s a good fit.

It's not too late to grab this deal!
Because honestly, you're wasting time trying to make your course from scratch!

Total is valued over $400! For only $39.

  • 5 Video Tutorials ($89 value)
  • 5 Fillable PDF's ($29 value)
  • Project Planning Template ($19 value)
  • [BONUS] Trello Board ($17 value)
  • [BONUS] 7 Email Swipe Files ($89 value)
  • [BONUS] Instagram Captions ($9 value)
  • [BONUS] Canva Ebook File ($19 value)
  • [BONUS] 3 Trial Programs ($113 value)

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