Melody Johnson

Instructional Designer

Welcome to my e-portfolio. My name is Melody Johnson and I’ve worked professionally in training and development for the last five years. The purpose of the project examples and descriptions are to provide you with additional insight on the types of projects that I’ve developed for large scale companies.

A Few Satisfied Employers:

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Melody Johnson
"Melody has only been on our team since the end of August but her impact was felt the instant she arrived. Most people when joining a new team hang back and observe to get their bearings first- but Melody saw the needs and jumped to action. She executes on ideas and concepts that are sometimes just mentioned in passing- but she brings them to fruition. I love that I can depend on her to execute on all the creative ideas we come up with." - Brandi Mitchell (Manager)
"Innovative, hardworking, exuberant, and for a lack of better word – AMAZING! You achieve excellence every day by showing kindness and empathy to each client you speak with..." Angelo (Manager)
"The entire team of people who contributed their thoughts to this deserve credit, but Melody, your drive and leadership were clear, as you helped push this beyond the various roadblocks that arose. Thanks again for all of your efforts. It’s been a pleasure working with you!" Josh (Colleague)
Man typing on laptop completing computer based elearning
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Need to create a customized employee onboarding training program? Elearning or computer based trainings may be a great way to both inform your empower your employee to learn a new skill and improve company efficiency. 

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Resume & Experience

I’ve worked with companies like Quicken Loans, Rock Connections, and Credit Acceptance to improve and develop training programs for software training, computer based training, in-person trainings, and many more projects.

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Professional Voiceover

Are you looking for voiceover work for your next instructional video or computer based training? Listen in to previous work examples including video and podcast recordings. All audio recordings and post production editing are provided in house.

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I’ve completed multiple minimal video edits including adding voiceover and screen recordings using Camtasia. 

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Workbooks & Manuals

I’ve created training materials including training manuals, job aids, and other worksheets for both small business owners and large scale companies.