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Want automatic course enrollments
without live launching?

Instantly access my course funnel workflows to create evergreen course enrollments without posting daily on social media.

Normally $47

Imagine getting paid to teach your students without hopping on Zoom or teaching in person...

I know that creating an online course is no small feat! I know that it took the nerves of Superman and the confidence of Lady Gaga to get up on stage and show the world your course.

But after the confetti fell from your first course launch, your inbox felt like Times Square on New Year’s Eve 2020 (eeek). empty, cold, and kind of lonely. 😢

You feel stuck in a vicious idea cycle between creating an entirely new course or selling your first course, masterclass, workshop, or template but you’re not exactly sure how to boost your sales.

You're about to grab for another cup of coffee because the thought of creating and selling an entirely new course is making your palms sweaty and your back tense. 😅

Let's ditch live launching like a bad case of 2020

You can create an evergreen course sales funnel that enrolls students while on vacay.

What students say about the course:

Allison made her first few hundred from creating a tripwire using a quiz funnel!

My funnel is in place, which feels good! My readers tell me my lead magnet is fun and engaging so it starts off with high engagement on both sides right away!

Allison Sue
Blogger, Compass my Life
course sales funnel

➡️ Create a truly passive income course funnel

Truth #1: Most course launching strategies aren’t truly passive and require a lot of time by the Course Creator including sending out emails, posting on Instagram, or going live on FB. The strategies inside the Course Funnel Jumpstart are perfect for passive income digital products that make money while you sleep. 

➡️ Make course enrollments without sleazy tactics

Truth # 2: Many course marketing techniques use methods that rely on scare tactics or keeping prospective customers in the dark. Instead, our training focuses on getting you ready to rock and roll with your funnel with clear step by step tech tutorials. 

➡️. No rocket science degree required 😉

Truth # 3: Sometimes online marketers like to use big fancy words when it comes to funnels, that it might feel like you’re lost in Wonderland. The truth is that not all marketers make good teachers. Our introductory online virtual training option makes learning funnels simple and easy (no rocket science degree required).

Bust open YOUR SECRET SAUCE to more course sales

What life looks like to sell without a funnel

  • Struggle to get more course enrollments

  • Sigh every email that launches to crickets.

  • Feel stuck in live course launches 

What it looks like to sell your course ON REPEAT

  • Confidently grow your online course enrollments on REPEAT

  • Easily build your email list with course clients

  • Steadily grow your student base without paid ads

Why Course Funnels Still Work


By offering high quality free content through a lead magnet or personality quiz - you can support your prospective and current students at multiple learning stages..


Let your audience make the decision if they need additional support by instantly providing an opportunity to work with you closer through an on-demand course or template.


Once you've made the sale, your course marketing strategy will then focus on delivering your course content on repeat without having to deliver your lessons live.

Sell your course on repeat without agonizing over your social captions

Module 1 :
Quiz Funnels Made Easy

Module 2:
Tripwire Flash Setup

Everything you need to jumpstart your course sales

Sales Converting Quiz Lessons
Funnel Workflows
Sleep Money Tripwire Trainings!

More Sweet Client Reviews

Before Melody’s course. I was feeling stumped on new ways to grow my email list. Now I feel confident I can create fun ways for my audience to opt-in!

Raina Willick
Life Coach

This course is amazing! Melody is very thorough and personable when teaching her course content. Her technique has allowed me to learn new things while understanding how to incorporate the content into my business!

Ray Calloway
Social Media and Podcast Coach

Plus, you'll get instant access to these bonuses!

Branding Guide Canva Template

Affiliate Marketing Promo Pack

Frequently Asked Questions

This training covers a step by step training on  how to setup a quiz funnel as well as a tripwire funnel. Other workflows and email outlines descriptions are provided for sales webinars, free challenges, and free courses.

Low priced digital courses between the prices of $7-$47 work well with this type of funnel, however we’ve seen some consultants and coaches create quiz funnels for products and programs between $222 -$667 using quiz funnels!

Our training covers the following software setup: Elementor Pro, Convertkit, Thrivecart, and Interact. You don’t need these particular software solutions but specific trainings with these softwares are included in the lessons.

If you don’t have a course or digital product, I recommend grabbing my free course creator starter outline. This course is ideally for people with courses or digital products.

This course is backed by my 7 day refund policy. If for any reason you haven’t learned anything from this course, you can reach out for a full refund to [email protected]

Yes! I do offer coaching solutions for consultants and coaches that want to create and market their own digital products and courses. For more information on my services, learn more by clicking on my service page.