Uplevel your course or coaching program that gets you from idea to profitable launch

Dear Cookie Cutter Courses,

We’re done with you. It’s time to make learning that sticks. 

We all know the importance of powerful learning, and our customers know it too. Let’s make dime a dozen courses, a thing of the past. 

If you’re sick of wasting time and energy on programs that don’t drive results, you’re in the right place.

Results are what drive your student’s growth and impact your bottom line. 

Behind the scenes, you’re not feeling confident with your student lesson engagement. 

When students don’t implement your program, you’re left without the case studies you need to drive more sales. 

Does this sound familiar?

What our Clients Say

Are you ready?

Listening to marketing gurus before only left you stuck in a box. 

You need a program that will help you get your students results and support sustainable growth for your business. 

When it comes to developing a powerful program, you need three vital things. 

Your zone of genius is your secret sauce for driving away competitors for your virtual programs.

Your powerful program should be action oriented so students see the maximum amount of success in the shortest amount of time through guided and sustainable support.

Your unique messaging should reflect your personality, incorporate powerful student stories, and demonstrate results.

Here's the problem...

Creative Market Creative Process

Traditional Marketing Failed

Traditional marketing only works when you have a powerful program and unique selling solution from the start

It's Not Sustainable

You can’t serve your customers without a clear program structure and systems in place

video training

Lacks Strong Student Voice

You might be struggling with finding your unique messaging to make your program truly irresistible because your student's voice isn't reflected in your marketing messaging.

You might fall in one of two categories

Imagine if you could have:

how to create an online course


A step by step framework to replicate your zone of genius into a profitable program.


A unique customer learning experience that practically writes its own salespage. 


A fiercely passionate marketing message that drives conversions and sales. 

A monthly mastermind experience that will help you plan, develop, and launch your signature course or group program.

Our Process

Phase One

In phase one, we analyze student data and market research to map out your program details including modules, lessons, and activities.

Phase One

During this stage, we craft our customer journey after the sale to set healthy boundaries for the student and coach while maintaining a high level of support and impact to your audience without burnout.

Phase Three

In this last stage, we find our unique brand voice and messaging to plan out our marketing materials for social media, emails, and salespages. 

What's Included

Digital Product Toolkit

Digital Product Toolkit

Using these templates, you’ll be able to refine your ideas and effectively prepare your marketing messaging.

Course Impact Mastermind

This course will help your organize your ideas into a clear and cohesive signature course based on learning theory. 

Wondrous Webinars

Wondrous Webinars

Using my step by step tutorials, you’ll be able to design and launch a webinar live to enroll your coaching students into your program.

The Program Details

Week 1

In week one. you’ll attend orientation and we’ll walk you through the program outcomes. You’ll schedule a Zoom or Voxer onboarding call to discuss your goals.

Week 2

In week 2, you’ll follow the curriculum inside the Course Designer’s Toolkit to map out your core program lesson structure and activities, and determine your launch strategy.

Week 3

In this week, you’ll map out the student learning experience based on the Group Program Handbook curriculum and set clear expectations for your students. 

Week 4

During our live co-working call, we’ll work through developing high impact lessons and presentations for your audience. Weekly audits begin.

Week 5

In this week, you’ll develop your marketing messaging and website presence through our tutorials and curriculum. Weekly audits continue.

Week 6

In this week, you’ll choose your sales webinar topic and begin to refine your unique approach to your program. 

Week 7

During this week, you can choose to create your program presentations or begin designing your sales webinar slide deck. Weekly audits continue with live Q & A sessions.

Week 8

During this week we discuss and organize how to set up your tech for your course or program or your sales webinar launch. 

Week 9

In this last coworking call, you’ll plan out your content marketing calendar leading up to your launch such as blogs, podcasts, Youtube or Facebook lives. 

Week 10

In this week, our coworking session will include working on email marketing content to prepare for your launch. 

Week 11

During this week, we’ll hold live office hours inside the private Facebook group and you’ll be able to receive feedback inside the group.

Week 12

In this final week, we’ll celebrate graduation. Graduates can submit their landing page for enrollment for their group program and you’ll submit your request to be interviewed on the podcast.  

Bonus 1

Weekly co-working calls to work through the curriculum so you gain accountability and feedback. 

Bonus 2

Salespage + Webinar Audits begin starting week 4 so you have time to organize your ideas, curriculum, and marketing messaging.

Bonus 3

As a graduating student, you’ll receive a solo blog post and podcast episode once you’ve developed your MVP launch strategy and curriculum.

Who this program is for

how to structure a coaching program

Who this program is not for

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Frequently Asked Questions

At the end of the program, you’ll have a completed signature course or group coaching program mapped out as well as a sales webinar strategy to promote your program.

In four weeks, you’ll be able to submit weekly audit requests for each component of the curriculum. We will review salespage copywriting, email marketing, and sales webinar design.

Yes, you have access to a three month payment plan or a pay in full option.

If you don’t have a course or digital product, I recommend grabbing my free course creator starter outline. This course is ideally for people with courses or group programs.

Due to the nature of this customized program, I do not currently offer refunds.

Yes! After enrollment, you’ll be able to book me for a day rate at 50% off .

Your Students Are Waiting

Isn’t it time that you had the support and systems in place to expand your online business without worrying about dropping the ball? It’s time to uplevel your coaching program or signature course with my support. 

Expand your program with excellence with all the support you need to deliver superior results to your students so they succeed!

Melody Johnson Course Consultant