A completely customized elearning Solution Without wasting Hours Figuring Out Tech

You've been rapidly growing your team and clientele base, but you're not sure how to get your team on the right track.

Maybe you imagined handing off tasks to your team so you can increase efficiency, support a growing influx of customers, and increase your company’s revenue streams. But you’re quickly learning that providing training to employees and contractors is turning out to be a full-time job. 

Your employee training to-do list just keeps growing...

  • Software tutorials
  • Sales processes
  • Company Procedures
  • Company Policies
  • Legal Requirements

You’re starting to wonder if you need to hire a full-time Instructional Designer because the training needs just keep piling up and you can’t seem to resolve them fast enough. Not to mention, a fast growing customer base needs high level support and there just isn’t enough time in your day to do it all. 

Automate Your Training Without Spending Hours in Powerpoint

It’s possible to support the ongoing training efforts of your company without spending countless hours in front of Powerpoint, adding a full time Instructional Designer to your team, or adding 45 additional pages to your Company Employee Handbook.

Training your team can be an effective solution to improve efficiency as well as a quality of service, not to mention decrease employee or contractor frustration which could lead to employee attrition. 

But even if you know that you need to provide excellent training to your team, you might be months or years away from hiring a full-time training manager or Instructional Designer.

But imagine what you could accomplish if you had your hands on...

  • A sustainable training solution to onboard employees effectively without hiring a full time training department
  • An extensive knowledgebase or education program for customers for your online business to answer frequently asked questions
  • A replicated outstanding client experience across a remote workforce through an effective online training program

You don't need a cookie-cutter training solution.

You need a customized training program that fits the growing needs of your online business.

Elearning With Ease

A custom-built online training curriculum created for the non-designer CEO. Custom built e-learning storyboards, voiceover scripts,  and lesson plans to set you, your customers, and employees up for success. Perfect for growing companies looking for evergreen training solutions.

This done-for-you service provides you with the excellent training programs you need without hiring a full time training department or Instructional Designer. 

We Create Scaleable Online Training Solutions

Our expert training and development team will help you curate a customized training curriculum to scale your business effectively.

  • Elearning Storyboards
  • Voiceover Scripts for Voiceover Talent
  • Interactive Elearning Content
  • Customized Powerpoints for Virtual Training
  • Digital Workbooks and Instructor Guides
  • Instructor Lesson Plans
  • Customized Assessments for use in your LMS

See Our Work

Case Study

We worked closely with our client to develop an in-person curriculum for an online training. This included in-depth Instructor Guides, Powerpoint Slide Decks, and Activity Guides for his students. Our client was extremely knowledgeable about damage prevention for underground facilities, and just needed some additional curriculum ideas to bring the course together. 

freelance instructional designer

What our client said about us

Melody is awesome and did an amazing job! We are happy and our client is very happy! We will definitely work with Melody again in the future.

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