The ultimate done for you course package with everything you need to take your highly successful course to the next level.

You're a CEO with a passion for your industry. You've built a successful business based on quality and trust.

You want to continue to deliver exceptional training online, but here's the problem:

  • Your online course needs a serious face-lift
  • You don't have the time to commit to updating all the course materials
  • You don't know how to explain to your contractors and employees what exactly needs to be updated
  • Your students and clients keep emailing you saying that a video needs to be updated
  • Your students keep getting confused or overwhelmed with the material and you don't know why
  • You've got a coaching program or seminars to lead...
  • You've got a book deal in progress...
  • Your high ticket clients need a TON of support

You're debating giving up all together and just starting fresh with a new course, but...

Your current course is already generating revenue.

You know that if you just put in a little more elbow grease, it'll really bring you to the next level in your business.

You're passionate about helping your clients get real results.

Here's The Truth

People invest in courses and programs that reap real results.

Imagine if you had access to:

A full Service team

A team of professional designers dedicated to help you rebrand and update your course.

Course Analysis

A customized course analysis to maximize student results.

Fully Customized Training

Customized training materials to help accelerate student learning success.

Interactive Solutions

Multiple customized quizzes and activities to help your students reach their goals faster.

Customized Integration

Course materials developed and uploaded seamlessly onto your course platform

Efficient Project Management

A customized project management board to help your course get done in half the time.

Melody Johnson Instructional Designer

That's where we come in.

Elite Course Design


Before working with Melody, I was overwhelmed at the idea of creating a course. She was empathetic, creative, and thorough in helping transform my vision into a real live online program! Now, I'm helping other financial coaches be more effective with their clients, and Melody played a huge role in that!

Adam Kol - AHK Coaching
Adam Kol

But can we actually develop a results driven course in half the time?

The answer is a resounding: YES!

How does it work?

Elite Course Design is the ultimate done for you course package with everything you need to take your highly successful course to the next level.



We work to refine your course goals by identifying what’s working in your current course and breaking down what needs to be updated in a comprehensive one hour consultation. This meeting sets the stage for the rest of our important work to come. It’s the ultimate brainstorm session. 



We analyze all of your current learning materials including videos, lessons, and activities on your course platform. We itemize a breakdown of the lessons and associated activities that need to be optimized for the customer or student. You’ll be given a customized learning analysis complete with our recommendations, as well as a project roadmap.



In this phase, our team works to develop the customized course curriculum you need in order to up level your course. This includes but is not limited to: workbooks, powerpoint slide decks, video scripts, storyboards, or videos* (depending on your package). We work with you or your assigned team member to review and approve course content. 



In this crucial phase, we work to import all of your course content into the course platform. Platforms we work with include Thinkific, Teachable, Kajabi, and Podia. 



Your modules are completely done and ready for a beta student to test! We test out each module too- from payment, registration, and completion to ensure that your course is ready to go. 



In this final stage, we connect you with talented marketing specialists to help you optimize your online advertisements such as Facebook ads to help you create a sustainable evergreen launch formula. 

Sample Work

Customized Video Animations

Powerpoint Screensharing

let's dig into the details

Here's what's included...

Our done for you service

Six Done for You Modules

  • Up to six modules with four customized lessons each, ready to go for your audience! ($6,000 value)
  • Up to six customized videos including intros and outros with your branded logo. 
  • Animated videos, screensharing, and voiceover included!

Engage Student Learning

Customized Workbook

  • A customized course workbook up to 20 pages to help your students reach their goals at lightening speed ($1,000 value)

Ready to go!

Course Integration

  • Course content READY-FOR-PURCHASE by your beta group on a course platform like Kajabi, Thinkific, Teachable, or Podia  ($4,000 value)
  • Tested for accuracy and ready for your next launch!

Personal Consulting

1:1 Access

  • Eight Strategic 1:1 hourly consultations via Zoom spread out over 8 weeks ($1,000 value)
  • 6 months of email support  ($1,000 value)

If you enroll in this program, you'll also get access to all of these bonuses.

If you combined all of these customized course services: it would be worth well over $16k.

All for only $9,987.

Choose the perfect plan

You have payment options to make this as budget friendly as a possible for your business. 

Two Monthly Payments

of $5,000 each

Three Monthly Payments

of $3,500 each

What Makes Elite Course Design Different?

Professionally Trained
Unlike other done-for-you course services, I have a Master's Degree in Instructional Design where I learned how to optimize online course experiences for adult learners.
Years of Experience
I also have over 5 years in training experience as a teacher, corporate trainer/ facilitator, and Instructional Designer.
A Portfolio That Speaks for Itself
I've worked at large scale corporations who optimize their in-person and online training to provide superior support to their teams to maximize business results.
We are An Efficient Agency
My team of highly trained professionals can create customized content in half the time that you could develop your course on your own or even with other low-quality designs from bottom of the barrel contractors.
Adam Kol


Before working with Melody, I was overwhelmed at the idea of creating a course. She was empathetic, creative, and thorough in helping transform my vision into a real live online program! Now, I'm helping other financial coaches be more effective with their clients, and Melody played a huge role in that!

Adam Kol - AHK Coaching

The Hard Way

You could:

  • Update your course yourself wasting valuable hours as a CEO managing your company
  • Hire an online marketer with zero experience in adult learning and see your students struggle to actually see results
  • Decide on calling it quits all together, feeling guilty that you never saw your course get the attention it deserved

The Easy Way

Or you could:

  • Delegate the project to a highly trained agile team ready to customize your course curriculum in half the time.
  • Find extra hours in your day to manage your team more effectively.
  • Get back to supporting your prospective and current clients with the attention they deserve

Frequently Asked Questions

On average this process takes between 6-8 weeks depending on how quickly your deliverables are reviewed and approved and how long each lesson is. 

Small or Mid-size organizations can’t always hire a training director or online training team full-time, this is a cost effective way to help you scale your current services and programs with online training solutions without having to invest in a full-time training team. 

Our team works with course platforms including Teachable, Thinkific, Kajabi, and Podia. If we aren’t familiar with your course platform, we’ll know exactly who to connect you with. We also can optimize your cart checkouts with platforms like Samcart and Thrivecart. 

You receive eight 1:1 hourly consultations as well as 6 months of email priority support. Everything from project management boards, course curriculum, and even sales checkout pages are customized to meet your needs and communication preferences. On average most clients work with me for about 6 weeks, but many continue to work with me throughout the year on different projects.

Yes, my pricing and quotes are for up to six modules, but I can provide you with a customized course proposal based on the amount of modules you have. 

Due to the customized services my team provides, I currently do not provide refunds on any work completed. If for any reasons you have any questions about the services provided, please reach out to

My team of experts currently work with you to optimize your online course and platform. We then work to refer you to valued partners who can optimize your marketing campaign at their pricing. 

Elite Course Design

Your Knowledge.
Our Training Solution.

Don’t push out your next course launch because you don’t have the time to update your materials. Instead, work with a team of online course experts that can optimize your course training so you can roll out the red carpet for your students

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