Content to Course Conversion Funnel Roadmap

How to Supercharge Your Growth & Earn Rewards!

The Roadmap

Phase One
Digital Product Creation
Digital Product Creation

During this stage, you'll map out your low - cost digital product offer based on market research. Watch the materials inside of The Digital Product Toolkit.

Phase Two
Lead Generation
Craft Your Student Attracting Freebie

In this stage, you'll work to create your student attracting lead magnet to get the right people excited and ready to buy!

Phase Three
Nurture Content
Create Nurture Content Funnels

In this stage, you're nurturing your audience with student nurture based content based on the Content to Course Conversion Course. 

Phase Four
Launch Content
Live Launch

In this stage, you're live launching your low-ticket offer and supporting your students after they've completed a beta product. 

Phase Five
Automated Sales
Automate Your Funnel

In this stage, you'll automate your live launch through systems and automations. And continue to follow each step of the process. 

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