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Confidently Plan & Promote
Your Podcast in 2022

Confidently Plan & Promote
Your Podcast in 2022

Does thinking about planning out an entire year of podcast episodes feel like planning a dentist appointment to pull out your wisdom teeth? EEEK.

Between editing your next episode, scheduling your next guest, and chasing down clients you don’t have time to fuss over podcast planning guesswork.

You’re already planning BIG TIME visibility for your podcast and we’re here for it!

Here's the problem

  • You don't have a budget to hire a VA or graphic designer

  • You're fumbling around Canva for hours  trying to craft the perfect post

  • You want to make progress promoting your show (not just making it)

  • You want to stay organized, but you're quickly losing track of files and tasks to complete

Free your week and plan your podcast with the Podcast Planner 2022

Free your week and plan your podcast with the Podcast Planner 2022

Here's what's included

Podcast Planning Template

Plan out an entire year of podcasts without a big team! 

Say yes to a planned out podcast season and simplify your content marketing plan with this plug and play template.

Podcast Planner

Social Media Promo Checklist

Never guess about what to post to promote your podcast!

See your podcast grow week over week with a podcast promotion plan for Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, and so much more.

Fall Canva Templates

Cut your podcast promotional plan in half!

Use these simple canva templates to save yourself hours of design headache and get back to growing your podcast.

Winter Canva Podcast Promo Templates

Grow your podcast listener base.

Never guess about what to post to boost listenership during the holidays and grab these copy and paste templates!

Podcast Email Newsletter Templates

Hit send on your podcast newsletter 

Get more ears to listen and subscribe to your podcast without worrying about what to say in your newsletter with copy and paste templates for your email marketing.

From Podcast Plan to Published

From Podcast Plan to Published

What Podcasters Are Saying

Danielle Desir Corbett

Award winning podcaster

Danielle Desir is a podcast marketing coach and host of The Thought Card, an affordable luxury and personal finance podcast. As the founder and CEO of WOC (Women of Color) Podcasters, Danielle is passionate about supporting and amplifying Women of Color podcasters and audio creators, helping them expand their online presence, podcasting skills and grow their income. 

Melody Johnson

Processpreneur & Course Creator

Melody Johnson is a Processpreneur and Founder of The Course Consultant. She helps membership owners grow their recurring revenue with referrals and retention. She has a Master’s Degree in Instructional Design and is a Certified Customer Success Manager.


Absolutely! The main podcast planner can be used to plan an entire year of episodes all in one Google Sheet!

Yes, we’ve personally used these templates and resources in our business to promote and plan podcast episodes and seasons. It’s seriously a game changer when it comes to podcast prep.

You can use Canva’s free account for these templates, though some elements may be best suited for Canva Pro.

Due to the nature of this product being entirely downloadable, we are not offering refunds.

Plan Your Podcast

With ease

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