A Done For You Signature Course Created by Training Experts

You're an established expert with a growing clientele base, but you're running into a serious problem...

You’ve had success in the past building out programs for your coaching, consulting, or freelance services. Maybe you’ve even had retreats, in-person training classes, or online webinars, but the demands of running an online business are steadily overtaking your your time and flexibility. 

Your business is growing, but so is your to-do list

  • Content marketing development
  • Client meetings
  • Following up on emails
  • Invoicing
  • Networking
  • New employees

You’re starting to wonder if you need to create an online course to scale your business training and create more income. But, you honestly don’t know where to start. 

Scale your business with online courses

You can take back your time and freedom by scaling your business with an online course. 

Online courses provide your customers with on-demand training sessions accessible from any location. 

You can answer frequently asked questions and support hundreds or even thousands of additional students without adding hours to your day all with the power of digital learning. 

Not to mention, the costs of online learning are considerably lower than adding on fees for transportation and accomodations when considering in-person training alternatives.

Help more customers online

  • Create on demand training courses for your freelance, coaching, and consulting clients and customers.
  • Provide digital learning solutions at different price points to scale your services and reach a larger audience.
  • Free up valuable time all while serving your customers and clients.

Even if you agree that you need an online course, you might be facing serious cold feet because...

  • You've never created an online course before
  • You don't know how to organize your ideas
  • You don't have the time to develop your course
  • Technology is holding you back

You can create a signature course, without adding 2,000 hours to your work schedule.

Creating a signature course that reaps real results is time consuming, so let us help you expand your business with our online course solutions.

Signature Course Success

A customized online training program that you can use to scale your business, grow your passive income, and bring impactful results to your customers.

Perfect for

  • Established experts with a growing clientele base
  • Non-designer leaders with a passion for their industry
  • Online business owners with an online presence
  • Ambitous thought leaders wanting to expand their current services
  • Collaborative CEO's, Solopreneurs, or Online business owners

This might not be a good fit if...

  • You don't currently have a website or own an online business
  • You're new to blogging and think of this as a "side hustle"
  • You're a brick and mortar business
  • You're not ready to invest in a program that will give you results
  • You want a profitable course WITHOUT any action from you

Your Expertise. Our Training Solution.

Our expert training and development team will help you curate a professional, branded, and results-oriented online course. While other online agencies or consultants provide marketing services, our expert online training team creates content that provides lasting results.

See Our Work

Case Study

We worked closely with our client to develop a hybrid online training curriculum that incorporated Zoom meetings, 1:1 sessions, online homework assignments, and online workbooks and PDF’s. The course was hosted on Teachable and incorporated 4 modules on the topic of Financial literacy. 

What our client said about us

“Melody was great to work with, she is extremely knowledgeable in course development and copywriting.”

Melody Johnson Online Course

Your course is waiting

There’s never been a better time to develop an online course to expand your authority and create additional revenue streams. Scaling your business with an online course can free up your time to increase your prices for your 1:1 services and provide more value to customers. Don’t waste another day dreaming of making your online course. Speak with our team today about making your idea a reality.

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