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Frequently Asked Questions

Good question! You’ll get access to the on-demand workshops after they’ve been delivered + live access to a guest tapping session wih guest expert Jaqui Acree. 

Hey newbie tappier, whether you’re brand new to tapping or an expert – EFT tapping refers to  a mind-body method of tapping. According to an article from Forbes, scientific studies show that tapping allows the brain and body to release stress and negative emotions, as well as calm and regulate the central nervous system

We’ll miss you! The best part of having live workshops is being in the virtual room – you’ll still get access to the workshops on-demand – but also to the VIP Voxer Lounge. 

The recordings will be made available by the first week of July. An email will be sent to you with access.

Since these events are held live, there will not be any refunds available. 


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