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June 14th - 16th

A three day audio summit for coaches, consultants & service providers ready to design their premium program, scale their services & jettison ahead of 99% of the crowd! 

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June 14th - 16th
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Be the Gold Standard

Become the gold standard in your industry, make your Broadway debut, create Taylor Swift hype-level fans, and roll out your red carpet for your premium program students.

I’ve brought you the best speakers – because you are the best at your craft.

If driving soul-aligned, ready to fling their wallets at your front doorstep clients is on your to-do list, then I’d love to invite you to a deeper conversation. 

Conversations previously only reserved behind-closed doors and red carpet events- are waiting…

So, if that sounds like the next level you, and you’re prepared to deepen your relationship with your business, your brain, your body, and your clients inside a premium program – then, join me. 

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There’s a reason why millionaires don’t fly coach – or buy second hand. 

Premium clients want the best – because they deserve the best.

Premium clients want quality.

Premium clients aren’t freebie seekers, bundle buyers, or discount shoppers.  I know – because millionaires hire me to design curriculum that gets client results. 

But being the gold standard in an industry, isn’t easy or possible for everyone.

Those that are ready to lean-in, push SEND, and ACCELERATE. 

This is for you.  

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Step into the spotlight as a premium program CEO.
Get access to the private podcast where you'll hear from over 15+ group program leaders, consultants, and service providers to craft, sell, and deliver a premium group experience - streamed directly to your phone.

Day One Speakers

Craft Your Premium Program

Prepare your brilliant brains to tap into Oprah-level awesome keynotes – and ignite the spark to bring your award winning – profit-producing program idea to Harvard status heights!


How I made a $39k launch for a premium program without a salespage and a simple Google doc.

Latasha Booth

What I Would Do When Starting From Scratch: Developing Thriving Group Program / Cohorts

Marissa Loewen

The Profit Plan: How Your Programs and packages bring you profit & ease

Melody Johnson

Million Dollar Course Design: The Red Carpet Rollout Method™ used to launch 54 programs for myself & clients.

Laura Khalil

What I Wish Million Dollar Coaches Told Us: The Dirty Secret Behind Million Dollar Launches and Why Going Small is the Best Path to Growth

Sascha Schlossberg

Create your captivating message to draw in your dream clients from the start to fill your coaching programs.

Day Two Speakers

Fill Your Premium Program

Magnetize your message, attract ready to invest program clients with proven tactics that work – real case studies included.

Meg Casebolt

Free leads on autopilot: ditch social media & get your next client from Google

Samantha Burmeister

How to use email to market (and sell!) your premium membership

Andréa Jones

Using a Private Podcast Funnel to sell my high ticket group membership

Dani Paige

The 4-Word Question That Carried My $40K Launch

Day Three Speakers

Deliver Your Premium Program

Dazzle your premium clients with a million dollar experience, and kick up red hot reviews that sell your program like magic.

Jordan Aspen

Stand Out with a Premium User Experience

Stacy Coyle

Red Carpet Rollout - Delivering Magical Buyer Experiences

Jordan Schanda King

Leveraging your team to uplevel your premium offer

Kimberly Tara

Keep More of Your Money: Proactively & Strategically Maximize Revenue & Reduce Taxes as a Service Based Business Owner

Plus, tap into these live bonuses!

And tick the box for fueled brains, bodies, hearts, and wallets

Boost your mood, marinate your mind, and align your body so your business is filled with “good hair day” energy and “extra checks in the mail” mindsets. 

Because businesses that run on fumes, folly, and hustle – only lead to burn-out.

Alison Reeves

Create easeful launches with nervous system flexibility

Jacqui Acree

Stop Second Guessing Yourself: Nervous System Regulation for Feel Good Decisions

Michelle Stevens

How to sneak energy-boosting movement into your day before, during, and after your premium program launch

After you join, grab an upgraded ticket to go deeeper

June 19th-23nd

Join us for a VIP energy workshop series


Think Like Apple: Create a Premium Program So Potent, Brene Brown Begs To Sign-up

Learn the ins and outs of why thought leaders like Simon Sinek, Oprah, and Brene Brown become the gold standard in their field & make good money (no, it’s not always degrees or certifications) it’s science!


Client Spotlight: Electric Slides Into Your DM's : Selling Your Premium Programs to Past Clients

85% of customers can become repeat customers, learn how to sell to past customers and clients before your red carpet event. 


Client Spotlight | Sold Out Membership Launch | June 21 1 pm | PST

Learn exactly how Samantha sold out her premium level membership! How she found her biggest fans – and leveraged her existing network to sell her membership. 


Live Tapping Experience With Jacqui Acree

Banish bad hair days and say hello to poised, relaxed, and ready to take the stage with leveled up bodies, brains, and energy. 


Red Carpet Launch: The Rollout Method for 5-10 Red Hot Premium Program Clients!

Roll out the red carpet for your clients, master the stage from your laptop, become the gold standard.


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I'm Melody

As a consultant and previous agency owner, I’ve done the hard work of building digital products for myself and my clients. 

➡️ 1,181 emails sent
➡️ 54 digital programs
➡️ 13 funnels
➡️ Hundreds of templates created
I know a thing or two about courses, group programs, and launching them. As a mom of two adopted kiddos, my time was at capacity. Cohorts changed the game for my services, and if you’ve hit multiple $10k-$20k months, you know that CAPACITY is setting you up for an income plateau. So if you’re finally readly to boost your business that sets you apart in a crowded online marketplace – let’s set this stage ablaze, and put you in the spotlight. 
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