Work with Dream Clients That
Don't Blink Twice at Your 5 Figure Rates

Create a Service That Feels Sweet

Work with dream clients
that respect your boundaries and see you as an expert.

You’re an ambitious or aspiring freelancer, virtual assistant, or creative service based business owner with a vision of a six figure business. You realize that now is the time to invest in your business because you don’t want to wait another 6 months for you to seriously accelerate your revenue goals. But the problem is, you’ve moved from course to course without knowing how to land new clients and deliver your service WITHOUT bending over backwards. 

Let me know if this sounds familiar...

Your Dream Clients are waiting...

You're looking to pivot into a high-ticket service...

You want to charge the rates you know that you deserve.

You want to feel energized and creative in your work again without feeling like you’re reinventing the wheel each time. 

You want to gain balance so that you can truly show up in your business without working another 12- 14 hour day.

Scale with ease

What if you could feel excited and "happily overpaid"
when it comes to your services?

If you’ve been around the block with your online business, you’ve probably heard the phrase, “Raise your rates.” But, the problem isn’t that you don’t know how to raise them. The issue is that you need to find those dream clients. Chances are if you’re feeling like you are overcharging, you’re probably not charging enough. 

Here’s the reality. The promise of your high ticket offer or service isn’t simply a “mindset” issue. The truth is that you need a strategy to attract, book, and deliver the service sustainably – without sacrificing sleep or working on weekends. 

The secret sauce is how to book clients in a consistent, repeatable process. 

Here's a one month snapshot for my business

Let’s be honest. Even if you love what you do, you need a way to increase your income in a way that helps you streamline your booking process and attract high caliber clients. Here’s a one month snapshot of my business income. Keep in mind this does not include digital product sales and purchases placed on autopilot which increase the gross revenue about several hundred dollars more!

The Winning Framework

But how do you book and deliver a high ticket service?

So, you’re probably wondering, “How exactly does this whole process work?” This process relies on a three part system that allows you to book and onboard your client so you can provide an amazing experience and get them coming back for more!


You need a strategy to make your services more exclusive so you only work with high caliber clients. 


You need a simple way to streamline and book your services so you’re not reinventing the wheel each time. 


You need a step by step process so you can deliver impactful services that wow your clients!

There is a simple sustainable way to make money through services

What if you could finally make 5 figures or more each month?

You could hire the help you need to deliver on the services that you provide. 

Free your time to finally prioritize the ideas that have been on your to-do list so you can make even more income.

Magically create a sustainable business that you love to run with clients that you love to work alongside.


There is a faster and easier way to book high ticket clients and deliver amazing results.


Sweet Service Success

A quick & actionable training that helps you book high ticket dream clients and deliver services without spinning your wheels or spending months feeling stuck.

Workshop Breakdown

Here's what we'll cover...

High Ticket Attraction
Make your services exclusive using my simple application method.
Book on Autopilot
Get the templates and trainings you need to book your services on autopilot, perfect for consultations or high ticket services.
Deliver Superior Services
Get the step by step tutorial you need to deliver superior services using my favorite project tool called Samepage.

Your dream clients are waiting for you.

after purchasing Sweet Service Success

You'll gain access to the following...


Your Confidence Booster

  • Set yourself up as an expert BEFORE you even take a consultation call with my email template.
  • Make your services exclusive with my client intake form template. 
  • Showcase your unique strengths with a winning portfolio.
  • Charge your worth with this simple rate calculation guide (Google Sheet). 


Become a Service Superstar!

  • Automate your contract’s signing process electronically without ever using a printer. 
  • Avoid the common pitfalls you’re missing in your contract.
  • Set the right expectations with your clients up front about your working hours and stop scope creep.
  • Onboard your clients in an easy, breezy way using Samepage.

and don't forget about the bonuses

You're also going to get access to:

Client Packet Template

Deliver the right expectations to your clients about your working hours and service descriptions in a visually appealing way.

Value = $37

Upwork Training

Land your first high ticket clients with Upwork and avoid the red flag clients that suck your time and money.

Value = $97

Online course consultant

Proposal Template

Get the Proposal Template you need to start charging higher rates in this easy to use Canva Template.

Value = $47

Confidently Raise Your Rates

life before "Sweet Service Success"

  • Constantly undercharging for your services, not knowing your unique genius. 
  • Getting stuck with clients that don’t respect your values and constantly question your decisions.
  • Not knowing how to automate your booking process and trying to track down forms and invoices. 
  • Feeling overwhelmed with customizing every aspect of your service. 

life after "Sweet Service Success"

  • Charging the high ticket rates that you know you truly deserve with my proposal template.
  • Streamlining your booking process so you can finally get organized and feel more confident speaking with new prospectives.
  • Productizing your service packages so you breathe easy and stop reinventig the wheel. 
  • Setting the proper boundaries for your service using my Client Service Packet.

Build a business you love that serves you

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If you feel that you haven’t received any value from this training, you’ll receive a 100% money back guarantee by emailing us at [email protected] within 14 days of purchase and proof of purchase. 

Melody Johnson


Hey there, I'm Melody

I help service based business owners scale their impact through profitable online coaching programs, courses, and offers. I have a Master’s Degree in training and development and I believe learning should feel fun and fresh. I have a passion for helping creatives and service based professionals create a profitable online business. 

Still wondering how to "Raise Your Rates"?

Let's work on that together

Life is too short not to enjoy it! Creating a profitable service can help you free up your creative energy to focus on what you love most about running your online business. It’s time for you to finally feel confident charging 5 figures or more for your services without second guessing your worth or value. Stop guessing and searching on Google how to communicate with high caliber clients. Start taking the first steps towards increasing your rates and booking your dream clients. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

This training is perfect for service based professionals, although creative freelancers such as graphic designers, copywriters, social media managers, and web designers might find this training especially useful.

Yes, there is a two month payment plan of $65 for two months.

You’ll have lifetime access to the course.

Yes, please send over an email to us within 14 days of purchase and we will refund your money. 

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Start Charging Your Worth

Isn’t it time to start seeing 5 figures hit your bank account? No matter if you’re just starting out or want to expand to higher ticket offerings, now is the time to get your service ready to start seeing more profit.