Confidently deliver a live webinar that grows your online business even if you hate getting on camera or have a small audience

You're a passionate and authentic online business owner with an amazing course...


You’re not really in love with trying to aggressively knock down doors to get people to buy from you. The problem is that you can’t seem to get people to see the value in what you have to offer without jumping on another discovery call, posting constantly on your social media pages, or feeling stuck in sending another meh newsletter…

You've heard about webinars before, in fact, you've even attended several yourself.

But something just felt off about it because....

If that ticks all the boxes for you then keep on reading

Here are the main reasons why webinars actually work instead of using other tactics.

You can package your zone of genius into a single presentation without sending prospective clients to an “about me” page hardly anyone visits

You can easily build your list with prospective paying students all while promoting your courses at the end. 

You have a repeatable, sustainable process in which to promote and sell your course without having to hop on another discovery call. 

But, even if you believe this, you still have to design, deliver, and automate your webinar.

I'm Melody

In 2019, I started freelancing full time helping others create and promote their online courses. It was a totally nerve wracking process for me because I was trying to find a way to bring in more substantial growth for my online business without creating a bigger to-do list for 1:1 clients.

I had heard about webinars before as a way to promote my services and courses, and so I tried to follow what Flashy McFlashy said and copied down what Big Time marketing person recommended. 

And yes…I did get a few clients and students through these methods…but….to be honest…

It just didn’t feel like “me”. 

I so desparately wanted to show up and become more authentic. 

So, I decided to change things up and turn it into something real and authentic.

And I found that I could...

Feel free to be myself and serve my audience.

Feel confident and excited about promoting my course instead of feeling dread or guilt!

Build my email list  while also growing my online business

And for the first time, I felt excited to run my webinars. Instead of dreading running them, I felt this instant spark return to my business.

And it didn't hurt that I actually grew my business and increased course enrollments

After launching nearly 7 webinars from scratch, I was able to scale my business and hire my first team based on booking new clients and enrolling more students. Using this strategy has not only given me the confidence to create more online courses and digital products, but also the clarity to know that I have a strategy that works for me, without trying to create complicated funnels or getting on camera. 

Imagine if you could...


What if you could confidently promote your course in a way that's exciting and fun?


A high impact self study course which guides you step by step to confidently design and deliver a live webinar to promote your course all without following sleazy tactics or creating complicated “funnels”.

let's dig into the details

Here's what's included...

Module 1

An Empowered Mindset

  • In this module, I’ll share my unique story with you and tell you all about how I got started with sales webinars. 
  • Webinar Affirmation Cards to help you reset your money mindset. 

Module 2

Choosing Your Webinar Topic

  • A step by step video tutorial which outlines my process for choosing a winning webinar topics.
  • A text based lesson with examples so you can brainstorm your ideas about your webinar topic. 
  • An actionable worksheet to brainstorm all of your webinar topic idea,

Module 3

Outlining Your Webinar

  • A quick video tutorial that walks you through my 4 part framework to quickly identify what parts to create in your webinar.
  • My text based lesson with visual examples and step by step instruction to fast track your webinar creation. 
  • A video tutorial on how to quickly design and utilize my Canva Presentation Webinar Template. 

Module 4

Webinar Website Essentials

  • A quick video tutorial that walks you through the actual website pages you need to launch your sales webinar live. 
  • Visual examples of my actual webinar website page examples so you know what to include no matter what website builder you use. 

Module 5

Cart Conversion Tutorials

  • In this video tutorial, I’ll walk you through how I set up my payment processing system using Thrivecart. 
  • I also provide you with other alternatives to receiving a payment for your course including payment plans or one time payments. 
  • A growing library of tech tutorials!

Module 6


  • In this video tutorial, I’ll walk you through the actual email sequences you need instead of a massive amount of useless emails that don’t mean anything. 
  • A growing library of email swipe files to send to promote your course. 

Module 7

Taking Your Webinar on Tour with Affiliates

  • In this video tutorial, I’ll walk you through the setup that you need in order to promote your course on a webinar with an affiliate.
  • A growing library of email swipe files and Canva promotional graphics. 

Module 8

Turning Your Webinar Evergreen

  • My Simple Webinar Checklist so you can see what the bare minimum is to simplify your webinar launch.
  • A video tech tutorial to show you  how to set up the webinar setup for your emails and website. 
  • A video tutorial overview of what you actually need to turn your webinar “evergreen” so you can have more year long course enrollments 

And, because I believe that fast action requires giving support

A Blog Feature

If you setup your registration page by April 8th, I’ll include a backlink to your webinar on my website and share to my email list and social media channels!

A Podcast Feature

A call out and feature on my podcast episode  with links to your webinar registration page! You don’t even need to have your slide deck completely finalized!

Wondrous Webinars

A Quick Recap of What's Inside

Authentically promote your course all without being an extrovert, getting on camera, or sliding into the DM's.

Scale your course biz with a webinar

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  • Weekly Feedback
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Frequently Asked Questions

No! I’m going to cover a myriad of technical options ranging from free to paid, but you can absolutely create a webinar without using any expensive software.

There will be live trainings will be streamed inside the pop-up Facebook™️ group. If you decide to upgrade to coaching support, you’ll get weekly coaching calls conducted and recorded via Zoom for the entire 6 weeks.

I’m offering a 14 day refund policy, so if you’re not happy with your purchase, you can get your money back.

This is a perfect pair for you if you already have a course to sell, but if you’re looking to create a course for the first time, you can join my free training for “How to Create an Offer That Sells Like Hotcakes”

As part of this program, you’ll receive access to a private pop-up facebook group. Inside this group, you’ll gain access to weekly office hours and feedback on salespages, webinar slide decks, and more! You’ll also receive access to my 1:1 support each week via Zoom if you upgrade to the VIP level.


Let's take a magical carpet ride together...

I know that it can be scary to show up and be yourself in front of a digital audience. That’s why I want you to join in on this magical training. Creating a webinar should feel wondrous, and not like scheduling a root canal. Your clients are just waiting for you to share something incredible with them and webinars just might be the way you can share this with them! Join this incredible group so you can gain the momentum and support you need to build and scale your online business.

Let's rock and roll with a webinar!