Client Spotlight For
Jeff from Sell Well Solutions

From membership tech overwhelmed to clarity, Jeff and I designed a step by step action plan to create, launch, and grow his membership site academy. 

Client Spotlight For Jeff, Founder of Sell Well Solutions

About Jeff and Sell Well Solutions

20 years under Jeff’s belt, he was getting tired of the rhetoric of slimy sales tactics and cookie cutter sales script strategies. After years working with small teams, startups, and even a university to improve selling processes, Jeff had a clear curriculum in mind for educating and supporting his clients and students. 

The problem? The tech stack questions and membership launch strategy were steadily overtaking his energy. Finding the right tech kept him from taking action, leading him down a rabbit hole of questions.

Jeff’s goal was clear – help clients confidently build a seller’s journey for themselves and their company based on their unique skillset. 

Key Business Goals

Curriculum & Program Development

Jeff knew exactly which lessons to teach clients and students develop a strategy around building a sustainable seller's journey and process. What was missing was an actionable plan to make these lessons a reality.

Build Systems

Jeff was looking for the course tech needed to drive enrollment, audience growth, and curriculum delivery effectively and on budget.

Develop Launch Plan

Sell Well Solutions needed a strategic launch plan and roll-out of a new membership site and course program so that every task had a purpose towards reaching that goal.

Client's Feedback

Our Outcomes

What Worked For Them

Curriculum Simplicity

Based on learner feedback and discussions inside of the co-working rooms, Jeff's lessons were simplified and learning labs were created to help his members see progress in achieving their goals.


During our time together, Jeff and I uncovered where a majority of his service bookings were coming from and how to optimize word-of-mouth referrals for gaining clients and new membership enrollments.

Marketing Alignment

Instead of wasting hours of guesswork, Jeff and I co-created the game plan to align his marketing messages to sell his membership and services on one primary social platform.

Client's Feedback

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