FREE Course Creator's Starter Outline!

Effortlessly outline your first course in 50% less time.

course creator starter outline

Course Creator Starter Outline

The Course Creator Starter Outline is the exact same template I use to help my clients get their ideas organized to create and maximize their online course creation. 

My name is Melody. I’m an Online Course Strategist with a fancy pants Master’s Degree in Instructional Design. I help coaches and consultants scale their business with online courses and group coaching programs. 

After spending years in the elearning industry, I saw a BIG need for small business owners to get their zone of genius out into the world and start getting paid on autopilot. 

I created this simple solution to help build your course on demand without the hassle of hiring a full time training team!

Outline your first online course in less than an hour...

Imagine if you could:

  • Effortlessly map out your first course without spending months.

  • Convert your services into a self study course that actually gets your students results. 

  • Confidently organize your ideas like a seasoned Course Pro.

  • WOW your students and get them coming back for more...

  • Attract dreamy students that love learning from you and you enjoy teaching!

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