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Create a Profitable Course Roadmap in under one month

You're an established expert with a growing clientele base, but you're running into a serious problem...

You've had success in the past building out programs for your coaching, consulting, or freelance services. Maybe you've even had retreats, in-person training classes, or online webinars.

Your Business is Growing,
but so is your to-do list...

The demands of running an online business are steadily overtaking your time and flexibility. 

You're starting to wonder if you need to create an online course to scale your business training and create more income.

But, you honestly don't know where to start. 

Scale Your Online Business with Online Courses.

Get Your Time and Freedom Back.

The Power of Digital Learning

Online courses provide your customers with on-demand training sessions accessible from any location.

You can answer frequently asked questions and support hundreds or even thousands of additional students without adding hours to your day.

The costs of online learning are considerably lower when considering in-person training alternatives.

Imagine if you could

Even if you agree that you need an online course, you might be facing serious cold feet because...

Imagine having a Profitable Launch roadmap

In less than 30 days.


Course Launch


A customized online training analysis and framework that you can use to scale your business, grow your passive income, and bring impactful results to your customers through an online course.

This is the perfect solution for

Established Experts

You have a growing clientele base.


You're a leader with a passion for your industry​ but need help with design.

Ambitious Leaders

You're a leader, CEO or Solopreneuer and want to expand your current services.

Online Business Owners

You have an online presence and are ready to build a course.

This Might not be a Good fit if

Your Expertise, Our Training Solution.

How does it work?

Profitable Course Idea

We hone in on your profitable course idea based on a conversation with you or another person on your team. During our two hour consultation call conducted via Zoom, we hash out the main concepts of your course or program module by module and lesson by lesson.


After our session, you'll be invited to our private client portal where you can review our training and recording. We then provide you with a refined course curriculum outline of what will be included such as specific videos, lessons, and activities based on any feedback we receive from you. We then provide you with the project management timeline recommendations to develop your minimum viable product to prepare for your first course sale.


We then create a customized launch roadmap to help you itemize the most important next step within the next thirty days. This includes crafting the structure for your course funnel. You'll receive tech recommendations based on your course ideas. Fifteen days after your call, you'll receive a check-in to see how the project management is going and if you have any questions about the next step in your course project launch.

Here's What's Included...

Our Training Solution:

A Complete Curriculum Outline

  • Up to eight modules fully outlined for your course to make student learning fun and fresh. 
  • A two hour consultation call held via Zoom to personalize the learning solution for you and your team.
  • Personalized Tech Stack Recommendations for your course, email marketing, landing pages and check outs to start making money. 
  • ($997 value)

A Customized launch Plan:

A Customized Launch Roadmap

  • Every course needs a roadmap to quickly develop and iterate. Our simple launching framework puts you in the driver’s seat so you can make money quickly with your course idea. 
  • You’ll receive a 30 day launch plan template with customized recommendations for strategies to grow and develop your idea from start to finish.
  • ($197 value)

Ready to go!

Course Funnel Roadmap

  • Our customized sales funnel roadmap will provide you with a guide to pricing your digital products, offers, and services so that you can free up your time to maximize your return on investment.  ($997 value)

If you enroll in this program, you'll also get access to all of these bonuses.

Inspired Course Creation Challenge

Wondrous Webinars

5 Day Inspired Course Creation Challenge

Valued $39

Wondrous Webinars

Valued $397

This introduction to course creation will help you hone in on your ideal customer, find your profitable course idea, and then develop your course using proven market research strategies.

This intermediate-advanced level course will help you develop ways to market your course using a strategic sales webinar. This will allow you to target and support your prospective students while also promoting your course.

If you combined all of these custom services and: it would be worth well over $2,500

All for only $1,995

The Hard Way

You could:

  • Try to develop your course outline all on your own, never knowing how to truly transform your learners and give them real results.
  • Hire an online marketer with zero experience in adult learning and see your students struggle to actually see results
  • Decide on calling it quits all together, feeling guilty that you never saw your course get the attention it deserved

The Easy Way

Or you could:

  • Launch your course with a profitable framework including an outline and customized course tech recommendations. 
  • See your idea come to life quickly through the 30 day launch plan. 
  • Develop a digital product in 50% less time all with the tools and systems to start making passive income quickly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

On average students typically take between one to two hours to speak with myself to get an idea of how to develop their course into a profitable digital product. 

Mid-size organizations can’t always hire a training director or online training team full-time, this is a cost effective way to help you scale your current services and programs with online training solutions without having to invest in a full-time training team. 

Our team works with course platforms including Teachable, Thinkific, Kajabi, and Podia. If we aren’t familiar with your course platform, we’ll know exactly who to connect you with.

Yes, my pricing and quotes are for up to 8 modules, but I can provide you with a customized course proposal based on the amount of modules you have. 

Due to the customized services my team provides, I currently do not provide refunds on any work completed. If for any reasons you have any questions about the services provided, please reach out to [email protected]

My team of experts currently work with you to optimize your online course and platform. We then work to refer you to valued partners who can optimize your marketing campaign at their pricing. 

On average, the course outlining and custom course project management timeline takes about 7-14 days dependent on how quickly we receive feedback from you about the course curriculum. Our most successful clients provide us the content to create the course outline and are actively involved in the process to create a project management timeline for your course to launch!


“Before working with Melody, I was overwhelmed at the idea of creating a course. She was empathetic, creative, and thorough in helping transform my vision into a real live online program!” – ​Adam Kol – AHK Coaching

“I could have found an expert like Melody from the beginning and it would have made the process even faster.” Andrea Maree – AM Creative

Melody is awesome and did an amazing job! We are happy and our client is very happy! We will definitely work with Melody again in the future.

Jay Stephens – Damage Prevention Academy

Custom Training Solutions
for Your Growing Business

Don’t wait to get the acceleration you need to develop your digital product or course.  Instead, work with a team of online course experts that can optimize your course training so you can roll out the red carpet for your students.