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My Red Carpet Cohort Method for Group Programs and Memberships

that generates on-demand Case Studies like marketing magic!

And why evergreen programs aren't Cutting COINS like all the Gurus claim


Presell Your Program

So you can maximize your chill time, instead of twiddling around with Slide Decks that won’t pay.


Run the Test Trial

This is my strategy for getting crowd-sourced solutions to develop curriculum that helps more people!


Lead That Launch

Step center stage and shine into a launch that turns lurkers into leads.


Roll Out That Red Carpet

Get those VIP clients to take action and build your marketing magic with case studies that do the sales for you!


Scale Up Your Program

Streamline your support, automate, and start WOW’ing your clients month over month. 

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Magical Memberships

A mini-course earn that walks you through how to create and launch your membership.


Online business Membership Launchpad

An in-depth self- study course to help you craft your high value, low effort membership.


Premium Programs

A six month group program to help you build case studies on-demand for your premium group program.


Red Carpet Cohort Intensive

A 90 Minute VIP intensive to map out your membership or group offer so you can take your idea to the bank.

Hey There

I'm Melody

I’m Melody Johnson – a group program design expert, adoptive mom, and former agency owner who’s been there, hustled that.

My first presold cohort was in 2018, and it seriously became one of the most favorite ways to work with people. Cohorts are the ultimate secret sauce to create killer case studies that turn your fans into loyal customers.

Since 2018, I’ve helped launch 20+ courses as an agency owner for clients, helped over 1,300+ students inside my digital products, and manage a small but mighty virtual team. 

So -this method works – and it’s helped my clients spend more time with Netflix chill and stack up those family snuggles. 

let's do this!

Ready to take your idea to the bank?

You’re one click away from money in the bank, open calendars for travel, and cozy nights in with the fam!

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Generate case studies on demand, ditch tired course sales tactics, and generate more recurring revenue with a group program.



"She helped transform my vision."

“Before working with Melody, I was overwhelmed at the idea of creating a course. She was empathetic, creative, and thorough in helping transform my vision into a real live online program!”

Adam Kol | Financial Couple's Coach

Here's What Past Clients and
Students Have to Say!


"I feel like I have a way forward."

“I learned ways to create different levels of knowledge and celebrate as students graduate. I’m confident that we can re-structure our current content resources in a way that helps them move forward.”

Andrea jones | Founder of Onlinedrea


"Probably Worth 40+ Hours of Trial and Error."

“My biggest question was always making sure customers felt and saw the value. After the trainings, my brain felt more organized! This made the process seem simpler and less frustrating! I was in danger of overwhelming with too much content. I needed a more focused direction. My head was all over the place. After the trainings, my brain felt more organized! I’m still going through the extra trainings! They’re all great.”



"We loved working with you!"

“We are good at working in our business, but it is very hard for us to work on our business and you helped bring a lot of clarity. We absolutely loved working with you!”

Kelan & Brittany Kline | The Savvy Couple

Create, Grow and Scale Your Group Program

Now is the time to stand out with powerful curriculum that gets your customers coming back for more. 

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