6 Profitable Funnel Ideas That Promote Your Course on Autopilot

Confidently promote your course without live launches or spending hours on social media...

My free funnel ideas will help you…

  • Fill your email list with course clients each day.

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  • Choose the perfect high converting course funnel.

But...what the heck is a funnel anyways?

A funnel is essentially a customer’s journey from nurture to connected course customer. YUP, there’s no Merriam Webster dictionary definition. You don’t need a degree in rocket science to understand. There isn’t only one way to do this, in fact there are many different types of “funnels” to help you connect with the right customers and support their growth while also growing your online business ethically without trading in their values. 

course sales funnel

Take a sneak peek inside...

✅  Funnel Type 1: The first type of funnel is perfect for low priced digital products like templates or mini-courses. 

✅ Funnel type 2: The second type of funnel is perfect for either a low priced or mid-tier courses. This type of funnel is versatile and even can promote your service!

✅  Funnel Type 3: This third type of funnel is great for higher priced courses or signature programs. 

✅  Funnel Type 4: The fourth type of funnel is most readily used strategy to promote mid-tier courses, signature programs, or memberships. 

✅  Funnel Type 5: The fifth type of funnel works well for mid-tier courses and signature programs. It not only can help you nurture your audience and promote your digital courses. 

✅  Funnel Type 6: The last type of funnel is what drives people to your digital products. Normally called “top of funnel” this is how your audience can become aware of the problem and “product aware” of what you have to offer. 


My name is Melody. I’m an Online Course Strategist with a fancy pants Master’s Degree in Instructional Design. I help service based business owners scale their business with online courses and group coaching programs. 

After spending years in the elearning and educational industry, I saw a BIG need for small business owners to get their zone of genius out into the world and start creating profitable online courses and programs. 

I wanted to help service based business owners, consultants, and educators make more money online through their knowledge and expertise without trading time for money or being sleazy.

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