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Your group coaching program students crave leadership that nurtures them to the next stage of growth. And as a 6 & 7 figure program founder – you already know that testimonials are the key to generating more leads and sales. 

Take the next step in your annual and recurring revenue through better experiences with my customer success intensive. 

Recurring Revenue

Don’t leave your business without a plan to scale. Start growing a sustainable process for your customers and for your team. Get instant access to templates for Clickup, Google Docs, and SOP’s for your membership, group program, or agency. 

Get Setup With Thrivecart

Simplify your course automation software in a flash! Thrivecart is the perfect software to help you create products and services to sell.

Get paid for your knowledge, host courses and memberships, and pay your affiliates in a flash with this one-time payment product!

Customer Success
Customer Testimonials

The Course Library

Podcast Planner 2022

Podcast Planner 2022

Say yes to a planned out podcast season and simplify your content marketing podcast plan with this plug-n-play templates!

Digital Product Toolkit

Organize and launch your digital product in less t han 30 days with these simple step by step guides and tutorials. 

Process Powerup

Get more done in less time! Create a business that keeps running without you. Inside this step by step training, you’ll learn exactly how to organize your day, your month, and your year for you and your team. So you can land more projects knowing your process is in place. 

Create, Grow and Scale Your Online Curriculum

Now is the time to stand out with powerful curriculum that gets your customers coming back for more. 

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