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Elevate your business with custom instructional design and development. 

Question for you...

Did your Training Efforts Fall Flat?

There is nothing worse than feeling like essential information is getting lost in bad graphics, boring Powerpoints, or lack of technical expertise. 

You already know that scaling your business with online training helps employees and can provide essential information to paying customers. 

What you don’t know is how to effectively offer this professional development. Let me do that part and you can get back to running your company. 

Do any of These Sound familiar?

You can’t hire a training consultant full-time.

Graphics on powerpoints and workbooks aren’t as nice as you thought

You don’t know how to train your employees effectively. 

You’re on-boarding new customers to a program that is not completed.

You don’t know which tools you need or you have some tools but  don’t know how to use them.

You're In the Right place

The Founder

I'm Melody Johnson

A Professional Instructional Designer with over 5 years of experience

Who I Am

My name is Melody and I have over 5 years experience in corporate training and education. As a current Master’s degree candidate in Instructional Design, I specialize in building effective online modules, ebooks, workbooks, powerpoints, quizzes, and elearning solutions. I love helping small business owners scale their online business with online learning solutions that improves efficiency and the impacts the bottom line. 

What I love to do

As an Instructional Designer, I’ve worked with large and small business owners to analyze the needs for both students and executives. I’ve worked closely with mortgage lenders, automotive finance lenders, leadership development teams, investment firms, and marketing agencies to put a solid plan in place for their course launch, online webinar, workshops, and seminars. 

Let Us Be Your Solution

Our Services


From idea to reality, I customized your branding colors, fonts, and content into a lead magnet or digital download for your online course.


From start to finish, I work with you to transform your ideas into beautifully branded content that aligns with your course goals.


Whether you need an accompanying workbook or stand-alone printables for an online course or webinar, these downloads will help your students reach their learning goals.


If you're looking to improve your current course engagement or update your materials with a new and fresh look, my in-depth course analysis will help you identify your next step.


Outsource your team's training with online learning solutions with our expert design team. Let us handle your storyboards, Vyond video development, and voiceover scripts for a custom built training.

Help & Support

You've got a thousand checklists running through your mind, it's time to get some help with your ideas and get the support and feedback you need to create a course you love.

Our Process



In the first stage of our consultation, our consultants will work with you to identify course descriptions, audience demographics, and any upcoming deadlines. 



In the second stage, we will obtain any course outlines, course documentation, and key data to create a clear plan for organizing your course content and confirm a project plan with defined timelines. 



In the third stage, we will curate a content strategy that aligns with your organization’s brand and vision. This includes branding guides and course marketing consultations and ideas.



In this stage, we will work to create course curriculum that aligns with your envisioned course and receive feedback and implement any changes about the deliverables and timelines. 



In this stage we will work to finalize any deliverables and dependent on your package can support importing your curriculum into the course platform.



In this last stage, we will work to align you with a marketing professional who can support your ongoing marketing efforts for your launch.

Platforms we Build On

We are familiar with the following platforms and can help you build your course or e-learning needs on them. 

Meet The Team

I Don't Work Alone. I have a creative and driven crew helping to make sure you get the results you want.

Bethany McCamish

Branding & Website Consultant

Bethany's Bio

After grad school, Bethany spent five years as an English teacher and graphic design instructor building a regionally recognized curriculum. Now she creates visual solutions and focused content for clients like Business Insider, The Money Manual, The Financial Diet and more.

Candice Latham

Design & Content Consultant

Candice's Bio

I’m Candice Latham business owners come to me when they need help crafting quality content for their multiple channels. From social media graphics, e-books, video, and other high value assets. My superpower is coming up with brilliant content marketing ideas for business owners.

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

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I Can't Wait to Work with you


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  • The non-designer CEO
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Course Launch Framework

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Elite Course Design

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Adam Kol


Before working with Melody, I was overwhelmed at the idea of creating a course. She was empathetic, creative, and thorough in helping transform my vision into a real live online program! Now, I'm helping other financial coaches be more effective with their clients, and Melody played a huge role in that!

Adam Kol - AHK Coaching

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