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Want to fast track your digital product
in less than a month?

Digital Product Toolkit

Snag my exact templates and tutorials I use to plan, develop, and launch my digital products.

Normally $197

Before the Digital Product Toolkit

  • Feeling stuck with a massive to-do list

  • Not having a course launch strategy

  • Being constantly overwhelmed with tech

After the Digital Product Toolkit

  • Quickly checking off your to-do list + launching 

  • Confidently creating and launching your course

  • Having the tutorials to create + launch

Before the Digital Product Toolkit

  • An massive to-do list

  • No course launch plan

  •  Overwhelmed with tech

After the Digital Product Toolkit

  • Quickly checking off your to-do list + launching 

  • Confidently creating and launching your course

  • Having the tutorials to create + launch

I always thought that may be some day I’ll make and sell courses.You showed how doable all this is and you gave the shortcuts to get there. I am very grateful for all the support and responsiveness you gave us.


My biggest question was always making sure customers felt and saw the value. After the. trainings, my brain felt more organized! This made the process seem simpler and less frustrating!


Thank you so much for making this easy and giving me the bug to do it again!


Stop sitting on the sidelines and
start seeing digital product sales....

Stop sitting on the sidelines and
start seeing digital product sales....

Let’s face it, creating a course alone in quarantine feels like having a major root canal scheduled while being forced to listen to Rebecca Black’s “It’s Friday!” song on repeat. (No offense if that’s your jam, but…) 

You're starting to feel like this whole "course creation" thing
is sooo much harder than you thought. 😅

Does this sound familiar?


You've tried creating a digital course before, but the whole process seemed like a nightmare right out of a cheap horror flick (dramatic movie screams included)


You'd love to see more passive income in your bank account pronto, but you feel like you're stuck at the starting line before you've even begun!

Without a Clear Plan

You keep saying one day, next month, or next year you'll launch your course, but that day never seems to arrive.

Let's take a virtual bus tour of what's possible....

You've got the knowledge and skill to get your digital product online- you just need a good teacher to help you get organized, craft your ideas, and launch.

Melody Johnson Course Consultant

Imagine with me for a moment...

➡️ A totally confident business owner...

Kicking butt and launching a digital template without feeling stuck in analysis paralysis.

➡️ A pro at sending money making emails 😉

Sending out sweet emails that actually make sales. 

➡️ Finishing course content left and right

Rocking your course content like a pro (amazing teacher glasses and all)  🤓

➡️ Clearly and confidently following a plan

Having a reliable framework to craft your course content to launch new digital products for months or years to come!

What would it feel like to:

Normally $197

Digital Product Toolkit

Plan out your next profitable digital product launch

What's Inside

Digital Product Toolkit Masterclass

If you've been waiting FOREVER to launch your digital product, now is the time.

You can confidently launch your product without wasting precious time, money, or energy.

Digital Product Toolkit Infographic

What Students Are Saying About The Digital Product Toolkit

Tina found clarity and launched her Interview Workbook!

I was in danger of overwhelming with too much content. I needed a more focused direction. My head was all over the place. After the trainings, my brain felt more organized! I’m still going through the extra trainings! They’re all great. The sales page one was super helpful.. I couldn’t have finished my sales page this quickly without it!

Tina - English Language Teacher

Time Saving Bonuses!

👇 Plug N' Play Canva Digital Mockups 👇

👇 Drag and Drop Workbook Template 👇

Elena found a way to launch without overthinking!

 I signed up for your training with no expectations just out of curiosity. I feel not only that “this some day course creation moment has come” but I am very confident that I’ll make a suite of courses and templates and I could reach and help more people that I do one on one now. I am happy with the process I’ve developed that I can use over and over again without overthinking, just using the templates and checklists.

Elena - Solutions Consultant

Here's a little about me!

Putting your course together doesn’t have to feel like scheduling a root canal! I’ve been a professional course designer for the last several years for large scale companies. As a Master’s Degree candidate in Instructional Design, I’ve been obsessed with helping small business owners develop and launch their courses. 

Marketing your course only works when you have a digital product to sell! And developing courses is my Peanut Butter and Jelly! I find that most solopreneurs need a little clarity to piece their online course puzzle together. You don’t have to wait months or years to create a signature course. Instead, you can launch your digital product or course using my step by step strategy.

Two Options To Access

Get everything to create and launch your course above AND these extras, when you grab Full Access!

Digital Product Toolkit (Self Paced)

Digital Product Toolkit (Live)

Have a Question? I've got you covered!

This training covers a step by step training on  how to plan and develop a digital product or course. This is perfect for those looking to create their first digital product template or mini-course.

The full version includes a live round of coworking calls and support for four weeks until July 28th. You’ll also be featured on my social media channels! The light version includes the masterclass, digital product template, and tutorials – but the full version includes salespage trainings, tech tutorials for cart checkout software,  captioning tutorials for screencastomatic, and so much more. 

This course is most helpful for those starting out with smaller priced courses or templates, however those who already have a signature course or group program will still find the Digital Product Toolkit and Course Launch Planner template helpful. to organize curriculum.

It is helpful to have a course host or platform in mind, but you don’t have to have any required software in order to make use of this training. 

This course is backed by my 7 day refund policy. If for any reason you haven’t learned anything from this course, you can reach out for a full refund to [email protected]

Yes! I do offer coaching solutions for consultants and coaches that want to create and market their own digital products and courses. For more information on my services, learn more by clicking on my consulting and service packages. 

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