In this episode, I speak with Lanie Lamarre from OMGROWTH podcast all about how to track better metrics for your program in terms of your marketing campaigns! I also talk about how data and spreadsheets are sexy, and why you should care about evaluating the ROI of your hard work!

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About Lanie

Lanie Lamarre is host of the OMGrowth podcast where she helps online small business owners get data-driven about their next best month, launch or collaboration… without having to become an analyst to do it!

Evaluating ROI For Your Campaigns

Even if you’re a creative business owner that doesn’t light up and giggle when someone discusses hard numbers, you may want to evaluate the effectiveness of you and your team’s efforts when reviewing your monthly metrics. 

In the case of your marketing campaigns, this is still an essential part of determining the ROI of all the hard work you are doing! Lanie says that it’s more effective to focus on one specific outcome out a time. 

Customer Centric

Funnels “aren’t a thing,” according to Lanie. People don’t immediately stop following you or stop receiving your emails – and shock – Lanie says that the relationships fostered with your community drive engagement and referrals – a key factor of business word of mouth growth for small and large organizations alike! Trust is a very important ingredient to having a great product, program, or service. When you have work that you trust and you feel good with, it will make you more willing to share it with others.

Guest Resources

➡️ Find out more about Lanie 

➡️ Website: live.omgrowth.com/melody

➡️ Results on Repeat: https://resultsonrepeat.com/

➡️ Tik Tok:  https://www.tiktok.com/@omgrowthpod

➡️ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/omgrowth/

➡️ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzrouybLaW1WfhvZA9gv6AQ

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