In this episode, I introduce The Course Consultant Season 3 new Co-host Monica Monfre from Teach Wellthy Coaching! We learn how Monica launched a $25k offer with a small audience. 

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About Monica Monfre

Monica is a speaker and trusted Business Coach to service based entrepreneurs who are ready to design courses and curriculum based program for massive impact and consistent revenue.

As a current teacher, she is thrilled to be joining us as a Cohost of The Course Consultant Show!

Nurturing Your Social Audience

During our conversation, Monica shared that many of her students had already been aware of her services and programs well before she launched this program, so taking that next step was much easier after clarifying what she did to help her students. 

Sometimes we think our numbers matter that we have to hit so many new people, but the people who said yes to this particular offer had been inside of my orbit for six to 12 months, the majority of them. So when it was a, yes, it, it, I actually think I had the easiest sales calls,

Course Program Duration

Monica said that even though she was a teacher, she realized that the duration of the program had to be extended. She needed to lengthen the program so students could actually implement what they were learning – and in the process, she learned a valuable lesson. 

I'm such a messy launcher. It was, it was in November. So I had done like an eight week version of it. And what was nice that I think this is where teaching comes into play is that I already know how to create curriculum really quickly. So I had the curriculum, I tested it and then I revamped it and I realized that in order to get the transformation or in order for my clients to get something out of it, it had to be longer than the eight week version of it.

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