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Recurring Revenue Tips for Growing Your Group Programs

As an agency, membership, or group program founder – developing online curriculum, content and resources can be a great way to increase recurring revenue and grow your client base. But, if you’re not careful, it can also be a drain on your time and resources. Here are a few tips for growing your membership group program while keeping costs down.

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Breakdown Your Lessons

Sometimes you don’t need to constantly add new curriculum or content to your membership. Try considering highlighting past content or creating a guide to walk students through stages of learning by skill, topic, or by subcategory. Creating a syllabus or guide can help you provide clear resources and templates for different learning stages.  

To increase student engagement for your group program, consider removing extranous content or curriculum. Reduce the duration of each lesson video so your students will find each piece more digestable and easier to consume. 

Less is More

Student retention also means streamlining your curriculum and resources. If you are a program manager for a group program, cohort, university, or startup – you know that keeping your customers interested in your curriculum means activating your current customers.

You can group customers or prospects by interests, skill level, or region so students will find what’s relevant for them when they access your trainings, resources, and events.

Welcome Course Creators!

From service provider, coach, or consultant to course creator, you’re in the right place if you want access to templates, resources, and support to start generating revenue with memberships, group programs, and more!