In this episode, I speak with Ish Baid, the founder from Try Virtually who shares his beginnings learning to code, leveraging data to build better cohort experiences and live virtual events, and how he built his business.

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About Ish

Ish Baid founded Virtually, a virtual event management platform that helps cohort learning programs support hundreds and thousands of online students develop deeper connections in their online learning experience. After working for Facebook, he decide to take his skillsets to help business owners leverage group learning at scale. 

Scaling Cohort Learning Programs

During our conversation, Ish shared how the in-person educational experience can create lasting impact on individuals and that he wanted to bring that same dynamic to online learning. In a post-pandemic world, I find it increasingly true that we need to leverage authentic relationships with peers, colleagues, and more.

People might come for content, but they stay for community

Identifying Virtual Event Feedback

Gain traction with your virtual events, coaching calls, and more through Virtually. Ish shares that gathering data after each event through the platform has empower course creators, coaches, and cohort founders to identify how classes have benefitted students – giving them more fuel for marketing efforts – as well as provide areas of improvement on the structure and resources developed and shared during training calls. 

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