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Our Mission

To empower online educators by creating branded and aligned course content for their students, employees, and followers. 

Our Vision

To help create experiential learning for students, one digital course at a time. 

Our history

While working for corporate training and development, Melody Johnson learned the key to online course creation. As a Master’s Degree candidate for Instructional Design, she saw that online course creators had heart, passion, and knowledge but needed guidance and support when it came to developing and preparing for an online course. Through course consultations, analysis, and a step-by-step approach to course building, Melody applies the same principles of online course development and training launches that she did while working for companies like Quicken Loans, Rock Connections, Credit Acceptance, The Zen Investor, AM Creative Agency, and AHK Coaching just to name a few. Course creators are abundant, but alignment, clarity, and support are rare. That is the reason behind the creation of “The Course Consultant.”

Our process



In the first stage of our consultation, our consultants will work with you to identify course descriptions, audience demographics, and any upcoming deadlines. 



In the second stage, we will obtain any course outlines, marketing material, and content descriptions to create a clear plan for organizing your content and confirm a project plan with defined timelines.  



In the third stage, we will to create initial drafts for deliverables such as powerpoints, ebooks, and workbooks. 



In this stage, we will work to receive feedback and implement any changes about the deliverables and timelines. 




In this stage, we will work to finalize any deliverables, upload content to a course host or website for testing. 



In this last stage, we will work to prepare for any upcoming webinars, implement marketing plans, and ensure that all content is ready for your launch. 

How can I help you?

In life, the most precious resources we have is time. Consider the benefits of utilizing your time more effeciently by hiring an expert in course content analysis and development.


From idea to reality, I customized your branding colors, fonts, and content into a lead magnet or digital download for your online course.


From start to finish, I work with you to transform your ideas into beautifully branded content that aligns with your course goals.


Whether you need an accompanying workbook or stand-alone printables for an online course or webinar, these downloads will help your students reach their learning goals.


If you're looking to improve your current course engagement or update your materials with a new and fresh look, my in-depth course analysis will help you identify your next step.


Gain your audience's attention with emails, landing pages, and course descriptions that turn your listener's and followers into paid students.

Help & Support

You've got a thousand checklists running through your mind, it's . time to get some help with your ideas and get the support and feedback you need to create a course you love.

Why choose us?

We design beautifully branded powerpoints, worksheets, and downloads that you can use and resell for commercial use for a lifetime. 

Receive customized support that is tailored to your individual and course needs. Communicate via video chat and email throughout the process. 

Launching a course is a complex process, you need support and a plan in place for preparing to launch. Receive a customized project plan based on your course timelines. 

Many people can design and create online training content, but few people have the skills and experience to develop content that aligns with research based practices and education. We know how to build better courses for your students to achieve results. 

You need experienced designers who can create a beautiful course product. Trust the professionals, get the support you need today.