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Alumni of the Digital Product Toolkit

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In early January 2021, I ran the Digital Product Toolkit live round complete with co-working calls that helped students implement fast. Students had 30 days to complete the project: create a digital product or course by the end of the month! Although I had so many students join and enroll, these students went above and beyond to create their digital products or programs! 

Kept Creations Monthly Membership

Kim Parkinson 

Kim has been teaching art and crafts since 2004. Her teaching journey started with a scrapbooking mini-book. After her husband encouraged her to teach at a local shop, she did it and loved it! 

Kim also owned and operated a small store called Kept Creations which opened in 2012 and closed in 2017.  Now she helps crafters of all kinds create beautiful art through her online membership. 

Don’t craft alone, it’s time to learn in a community. 

With almost 20 years of experience as a craft instructor (both in-person and online), Kim has brought crafting to countless people over the years. Through her monthly membership, she teaches you how to create cards, gifts, home décor, journals, paintings, scrapbooks, and more.

She helps you create beautiful art on basically countless types of projects. Whether you want to start a scrapbook or learn how to stamp, Kim’s here to guide you and instruct you on your crafty journey. 

Brand Identity Kits

Bethany McAmish
Bethany McAmish

Bethany McCamish 

Bethany spent five years as an English teacher and graphic design instructor building a regionally recognized curriculum. For more than 7 years she was integrated into the Pacific Northwest arts community running and curating shows that tell a story, all while sharpening her communication skills. She now helps entrepreneurs stand out by creating stunning branding.

Stop scrolling on Pinterest and start building a clear cohesive brand backed by psychology. 

Are you looking to make an impact online but feel drowned out by, well, everything including the endless Pinterest options? 

A cohesive brand will help you carve out a niche, but a cohesive brand that is backed by psychology driven design (aka a specific archetype) will give you the power to speak with confidence in your visuals and messaging to your ideal clients. That means your effort to grow can actually work.

Each kit also comes with access to a step-by-step video tutorial that explains how to customize, edit, download, and use your logos and design elements. 


Notion Planning Kit


Elena Kozliakova

Elena Kozliakova is Solution Designer that helps creative entrepreneurs to streamline their life and business with simple, smart and stylish systems so they could make money, delight their clients and enjoy what they do every day.

Notion Planning Kit: Streamline your life without putting yourself in a box. 

Put all the puzzle pieces of your life together with ease all in one place. No more hours spent searching for “that important document”. Confidently organize your ideas, resources and deadlines in one powerful tool.

✔️   Notion Basics mini-training to help you navigate the tool and identify your life planning structure.

✔️   The Life Organizer Template based on my 6 step D.A.P.R.I.A. framework to design your all in one productivity hub.

✔️   Video overview of the templates included so you can examine the “puzzle pieces” you need to put in place to boost your productivity according to your personality.

✔️  Notion customization workshop to help you develop your own structure that meets your needs and suites your lifestyle.

Plus these exclusive bonuses!

➕ Notion Planning live training with co-working hours and support to help you create your life organizing structure.

➕ Tag library to use across your workspace for easy navigation and search.

➕ Custom curated icon collection to save you time and make planning process fun and enjoyable

Interview Prep Workbook

Tina Crouch 

Tina Crouch is a Business English communication coach and author. Her love of language started in childhood while staying up all night with novels and a flashlight… and that led to getting a business degree and working as a marketer, copyeditor, and coach over the last 7 years.

After adventuring in 15 countries and studying Italian for fun, she started Tina Teaches English. All of Tina’s written material and courses were developed during hundreds of 1-on-1 coaching sessions with ESL learners. 

You can confidently walk into your interview

Tina shares her exact steps to help English Language Learners prepare for their next interview with this quick and actionable guide to learning the essentials to landing a paying job. 
In this action packed workbook, you’ll learn…

✔️  Targeted practice. Almost any Business English course is going to improve your English… but interviews are specific situations with specific needs. This workbook helps you practice the answers that hiring managers want to hear. 

✔️  Only the most useful grammar. Simple past? Present perfect?  …Continuous?  This workbook has fill-in-the-blank grammar templates to help you talk about your past career experience! 

✔️ No more wasted time. The workbook uses Tina’s experience, the advice of certified Human Resource experts, and the most frequently asked questions from her coaching students! 

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Want to be my next success story? These are just a few of my featured alumni that participated in the live round of the Digital Product Toolkit! I regularly give hands on support to my students so that they can implement, grow, and succeed by making money through creating courses and impactful training programs. Join the full program inside The Business of Courses Membership!