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Private Label Rights for Course Creators

The Secret World of Private Label Rights & How to Sell them With Angela Tempest

If you’re a DIY blogger, content creator, or consultant without a team – you know that self-publishing articles is time-consuming. That’s why I’m thrilled to be talking with Angela Tempest about how to save time with PLR packs. In this interview I talk with Angela about how to produce a pack of work and then selling the rights to the work! To learn more about how to sell PLRs and the secret world that saving everyone hours and hours of work, read on!

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About Angela Tempest

Angela actually started out as a content writer eight years ago, and quickly learned about P L R and the world of private label rights to help with her growing blog content needs. Now she creates her own packs to help others do the same for their content marketing at Blackbird PLR. I was super intrigued about PLR because I had never heard about this before. And when Angela who’s, one of my students inside of my membership told me about it. I was instantly intrigued. So I said, Angela, I need to have you on the podcast. Could you please talk to me about this topic? And so here we are!

What is Private Label Rights (PLR)?

Private label rights (PLR) helps you save time with content you’ve already created. Think of them as licensing out work you’ve already made. And you can actually sell it and make money from it!

How do you use a PLR Pack?

“I’ve been using PLR myself for a very long time,” says Angela. ” [As a content writer], you sort of think it’s great, but not everybody can afford to pay one on one for content. Right. Which is fair enough. Obviously we’re all at different stages, but it would be nice to create packs of things that people could use to. So that helps them along.”

According to Angela, you can use it as if you’d written it, so you don’t have to credit the author. “You don’t have to mention me. In fact, a lot of the time it specifically says not to mention the person that’s created it. So for example, in my pack, most of them have 10 blog posts around whatever the topic is. I like to say Pinterest marketing. So there’ll be anywhere from usually about 500 to a thousand words. And you can literally pick that up and put that on your website. If you want to. “

Won't That Hurt My Seo?

“People do get worried about duplicate content, but from everything I’ve read about it, Google, isn’t worried about you and me having the same content. It’s worried about you and you having the same content on your website.

You can in theory, pick it up, pop it on your website, put a couple of images and done, but I tend to find what people do and what I’ve always done with a PLR that I’ve bought is I’ll go through and I’ll use it as either like a research packet where I’ve got all that information in one place, and then I can tweak it and add bits to it and make it a bit more me, or I will take what they’ve written or what I’ve written and add more to it based on my own experiences or what I want to do.”

Angela on Getting Started With PLR

“I know one of the first places I started to get paid off from was when I started my food blog, I quite quickly realized that there was a lot of things that I want to write about in the food blog, but they didn’t want to actually make, because I’m a very fussy eater. And my husband’s a chef and he does the cooking and obviously he works long hours. So he wasn’t always around. It’s like, I need to write this article. And I discovered a really high quality food blog PLR site called kitchen bloggers, got to know the lady that runs it. And she does all the photos. She makes the recipes and everything, and it was a brilliant way to get some of the articles for the blog that I wanted to write about. But then I wasn’t going to actually be able to make myself because it would just end up going to waste, which drives me nuts. So that was how, one of the main reasons I started using it.”

How to Get a Hold of Angela's PLR Pack ASAP!

Check out Angela’s website: Blackbirdplr.com.

Angela also shares more about PLR right here. 

Angela’s main website: Skylark virtual services.

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