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Bethany McCamish

How to Keep Your Online Course Brand Consistent

In this episode, I speak with Brand Strategist Bethany McCamish who talks about how to create a brand backed by psychology. In our chat, we discuss how to elevate and unearth your brand using brand archetypes. Not only is it incredibly fascinating, but it’s proven to convert your audience into paying customers – especially so when it comes to creating and selling that online course!

As someone that has personally worked and hired Bethany to sell my service packages, I can tell you this is a MUST listen to!

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About Bethany

Bethany help purpose-driven business owners who are working to make the world a better place identify their unique brand personality and leverage it through strategy so they are both timeless and unmistakable, putting their mission center stage.

Prior to founding Bethany Works®, I spent five years as an English teacher and graphic design instructor building a regionally recognized curriculum. For more than 7 years Bethany was integrated into the Pacific Northwest arts community running and curating shows that tell a story, all while sharpening my communication skills.

Creating Psychology Backed Design

According to Bethany, the very first thing you need to figure out – if you’re going to be adding on products, courses, whatever it might be, is who you’re serving.

From there, Bethany recommends choosing a brand personality and mood so that you can know how you’re going to show up for who you’re serving. The good news is that Bethany has a free quiz to help you fine-tune your brand personality and archetype.

Fine-tuning your Brand Personality

“We know who the rebel is, we know who the jokester is we know who the hero is. And if you can align your business and brand with those archetypes purposely, intentionally, then you're making an easier connection with your audience, you're paving a path for them to get to you.” - Bethany

Bethany says that with each archetype, you are connecting to a human desire to create a really solid personality, that influences how you are going to show up.

Even though you may have been a rebel, the hero, and everything in between, Bethany says you need to think of your business as a whole and how it is portrayed through your branding. 

But you have to think about your offers and your business individually, separate from who you are as a person, especially at this point. “

She goes on to say that this is hard for solopreneurs. but it’s just really an essential step to take.

"And that's going to inform how you're talking to people the copy that you choose the words that you're going to use for calls to action, and your visuals, things like your color palettes, your fonts, your photos, all of that."

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How to Keep Your Branding Consistent

So what do you need to keep things organized for all of your course content? 

“Well – you need two fonts, you need to have a color palette, and you can have up to six colors. But usually it’s just good to keep three to five, especially if you’re trying to put together your own branding.”

Even though it can be hard especially to have so many beautiful and fun fonts, Bethany recommends sticking with two and having up to six colors utilized for your brand. 

I mean, big brands have teams dedicated to it for a reason, and dedicated to staying on brand. And I think staying on brand can be one of the most powerful things you can do because you're leveraging design consistently within your business.

Brand Personality Quiz

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