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Sam Hawrylack Fireup Freelance

Book Retainer Clients as an Introverted Freelancer

In this week’s episode,  I interview one of my clients Sam, the co-founder of How to Fire and Fire Up Freelance. We talk all about how to book clients as a freelancer, even if you’re starting out, are an introvert, or hate posting on social media. 

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About Sam from Fire Up Freelance

Samantha Hawrylack is the Freelancing Coach behind Fire Up Freelance and the Co-Owner of How To FIRE. She quit her finance corporate gig back in 2019 to pursue her side hustles full-time, and has taken her freelancing business, SJ Digital Solutions, to six-figures. Now she helps apsiring fireelancers book retainer clients so they can successfully transition from working full-time. 

Fireup Freelance

Finding Clients as a Freelancer

Clients can be challenging to get, especially if you’re just starting out. That’s why during our chat, Sam shares her process of making online connections in a way that fits her personality. What I love about her process is how introverted friendly her process feels! 

Using Facebook groups to find clients

Sam shares that she uses Facebook groups where her ideal clients hangout so that she can make connections with others that would benefit from her  freelancing services. By sharing valuable tips and answering questions, she was able to find repeat clients. Over the span of two months she was able to actually replace her income after quitting her corporate finance gig!

Yeah, so it started off with just one client, very small client client I made about, I would say, probably $300 a month from that first client. And from there, I was then able to use the work I was doing for them as a reference for my next client, which was my first big ticket client. And they were roughly about I would say, $3,000 a month. And I got them in month two of after quitting my job. So that's when I was able to replace my income.

Fireup Freelance

Making the Full Time Leap to Freelancing

Sam says that she was able to make the leap to freelancing, but it was really nerve wracking since she quit her job without having any clients lined up. Thankfully, she says that she had some funds set aside and was able to replace her monthly income with her first few clients. Now she recommends that others having an emergency funds before taking the leap to freelancing full-time. Before quitting her job, Sam connected with others via networking events where her ideal clients were attending. After answering questions via Facebook groups and reaching out to clients via email, clients booked her services.  Her clients enjoyed working with her so much that they wanted to continue working together! This meant less searching for more clients each month! 

Sam's Resources

Sam shares alot of valuable tips when it comes to freelancing online. Access some of her free resources!

Sam’s instagram account: http://instagram.com/fireupfreelance

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