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ClickUp Hacks I Use to Manage My Digital Products

As an online course creator and coach, I rely on ClickUp to streamline my content creation and automate workflows for serving clients and students. Here are 3 key ways I leverage ClickUp to effectively manage my digital learning products:

Streamlined Content Creation

ClickUp's hierarchical lists and tasks allow me to map out every aspect of the membership or group programs all in one spot. I can break down course development into granular steps and automate tasks with Clickup automations and project templates. This keeps me organized and focused. Custom statuses help my team visually track progress as content pieces are created, reviewed, and published. This is especially helpful when developing several types of content like podcasts, social media videos, and writing and publishing captions! Clickup fields can also connect directly to Zapier to other popular social media scheduling platforms. When I had Clickup 2.0, I managed to create a zap to tie status changes on a task to directly publish static posts with one image to Instagram!

Automated Workflows for Clients and Course Creation

I designed automated workflows in ClickUp to standardize client onboarding and registration for special events, coaching, or support for course students. Client requests automatically generate tasks for myself or a team member to follow a consistent process. This ties into an overall operations delivery standard operatibg procedure. When a new course member complete's their onboarding form, ClickUp triggers tasks for myself or another team member to review their responses. This saves my team tons of time manually managing workflows.

I also include several spaces within Clickup for managing digital products such as memberships or group offers that have live components:

Lead Trackers - This helps me track registrations for workshops, webinars, or launch events like virtual summits

Content Creation Workflow - I developed a more strategic approach to developing social media and blog post content using Clickup templates which allow me to organize each step into smaller bite-sized tasks for myself or a team member to review or manage.

Course Creation Workflows - From client onboarding to curriculum creation, the workflows setup in Clickup help me manage what types of curriculum need to be created, and how they are added to a learning management platform or course host. Having a Standard Operating Procedure can go a long way in helping you create a clear process to delegate administrative tasks.

Customer Cancellations / Feedback / Support - Clickups forms are easy and simple to use. They provide you with a way to review feedback and see common reasons for cancellations. Clickup templates also help me to manage and review any access changes to social groups or content access.

Project Management for Small Teams

ClickUp is perfect for managing small teams. I can assign tasks to my assistants, editors, and designers while monitoring overall project progress. Custom permission levels restrict access so freelancers only see their work. ClickUp helps my tiny team collaborate as efficiently as larger companies.

With its flexible configuration, automated workflows, and robust project management features, ClickUp is an invaluable tool for my course creation business. The time savings and organization I've gained allow me to focus on content quality and serving students. ClickUp supercharges my product development as a solopreneur!