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Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing for Course Creators

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About Dr. Gee Nonterrah

In this episode, I interview Dr. Gee Nonterrah is a Biomedical Scientist, Biology Professor, and Content and Writing Coach! If that’s not enough, Gee has been featured on MediaVine, Work from Home Woman, and so many more online brands. In fact, after one of her clients worked with her to develop her unique content marketing strategy, the PR team for Michelle Obama actually reached out to her to become an ambassador. During our conversation, we break down some major myths around content creation for course creators and how to convert this free content into a course sale!

Why Content Marketing?

Gee says that you need to create free content as a way to provide a “taste test” like an appetizer to lead into a sale for a larger course, ebook, book, or service. If you include a sales message and direct people into a funnel your content marketing will work for you by utilizing your organic reach through search engine optimization, social media, or video search engines like Youtube. Nonterrah says that content marketing can seem like a waste of time only if you aren’t strategic about your content marketing or messaging to direct people to the sale. 

Does Content Marketing Work?

If you are omitting a sales message from your sales content, you are just doing charity work. Always ask for the sale.

Dr. Nonterrah says that if you are omitting a sales message, you are just doing charity work. But if you showcase your digital product or services, people can move from the free content to the paid services and digital products or courses. Content marketing works because you can attract and convert your ideal clients or customers!

Content Marketing Tips

Content Marketing Strategy

Gee discusses several tools she uses for her Youtube strategy including VidIQ and Tubebuddy to rank on Youtube search as well as utilizing the Yoast plugin for her podcast shownotes. She also does research by taking an idea that is performing well on the Youtube platform before creating content for her own channel. Gee also plays with different thumbnails images and titles. She says to avoid creating click-bait titles that have nothing to do with the actual content. The titles should be catchy but overdeliver on content quality. 


In this stage, I highlight the main considerations you can take to break down your own content marketing strategy! Like Gee, you can analyze your competitors through researching search engine optimization and create content that people are actively looking for and provide high quality content to lead to your sales funnel.

Free Funnel Ideas!

Grab my 6 free profitable funnel ideas to sell your course on autopilot!


By using these strategic content and messaging, Dr. Gee’s clients have been able to land ambassador programs with people like Michelle Obama not to mention sell more for their program and services. By boosting their visibility and remaining consistent, you can improve your ability to provide strategic messaging content to your audience so that they can convert into your paid programs, courses, and services. 

Guest Resources

Follow Dr. Gee Nonterrah on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/geenonterah

Follow Dr. Gee Nonterrah on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/GertrudeNonterahTV/videos

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