In this episode, I speak with Marissa Loewen from Create The Rules Business Accelerator and creator of the Profit Plan. We discuss briefly how amazing her hair is and then jump into how to price your programs for profit!

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About Marissa

Marissa Loewen did the math – and the consensus? People aren’t charging the prices they need to achieve their personal and business goals. And worse? Creative, consulting, and product based business owners overspend on high ticket programs that don’t identify how to identify the missing pieces in the bottom line. If you’ve been feeling like you need to raise your prices – it’s time to actually do the math and determine what to charge based on your company and your needs. 

Marissa, besides being an absolute riot of laughter, marketing genius, and friend you’d like to invite over for tea to watch Star Trek with – has a desire to nourish others and create a space online to help build resilient businesses. Besides having a background working for corporations and organizations handling marketing plans and supporting the maker and event communities, Marissa saw an ongoing trend and created The Profit Plan, a step by step video series and guide to help CEO’s take charge of their overhead and grow their profit month after month and year after year

Increasing Your Prices to Profit

During our conversation, Marissa and I discussed how common it is to compare our prices for programs and services to others in our industry without identifying our overhead costs, personal, or business goals. In the Business Accelerator, it was an eye opening excercise to go through The Profit Plan and realize how much I needed to re-align my packages with my personal and professional goals. Hiring, tech systems, and my goals all played part in me having more clarity on how to achieve my goals, price my packages and influence my marketing. 

The Business Accelerator

I’m an avid fan of growing a business that feels organized, efficient, and easy to run. After discussing my goals with Marissa, I found out that we had so much in common – our love for delicious desserts, a desire to deeply support others, and a belief that everyone deserves a place to be themselves, get support, and earn a wildly wealthy life – whatever that looks like for them. 

Having sworn off many a course and membership, I was skeptical about joining another program. Yet, immediately after I joined, the virtual workroom quickly became my favorite place to go during the workday. Not only was I able to chat about creating a marketing plan to grow my business (Marissa actually takes the time to brainstorm and creates a Miro board to map out the strategic messaging), but I can share how I’m doing like my adoption process and of course what I ate for breakfast (most likely eggs and cheesecake). 

What’s even better? I’ve met friends from all over the world that I regularly drink coffee with in a virtual workspace, feel connected in a way that my soul needed – after feeling isolated for the Pandemic, and have made life-long friends. Becoming a member of the workspace isn’t just about joining a program – it’s about identifying the missing framework of support, community, and strategy I needed to flourish. 

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