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Accessibility is the New Gold Standard for Course Creators

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About Erin Perkins

Erin Perkins is a deaf entrepreneur, disabled rights activist, and accessibility educator dedicated to making the business world more inclusive. Her fierce advocacy comes from her life experiences as a deaf woman and owner of a small online business, Mabely Q. Though she founded Mabely Q in 2018 as a graphic designer and online business manager, Erin’s true gift is working with CEOs who want to lead by example. Whether she’s teaching via a keynote speech, private workshop, or one-on-one consulting, Erin freely shares her experiences as a deaf woman with others to help make the world a more inclusive place for others with disabilities. She has captured audiences with her empathetic, patient style as a speaker to groups like The Rising Tide Society, Simply Profitable Designer Summit, The Creative Huddle, Blogger Breakthrough summit, and others. You can find Erin online at http://www.mabelyq.com

How to Make Your Content Accessible

Erin shares that online accessibility is a subject that’s not readily discussed in online business owner communities. One main point that Erin drives home is that creating accessible content isn’t just right – it’s actually makes good business sense. 

I think this is a really broad subject, but because like inclusivity, a lot of people when they think about inclusivity, you're thinking about race, gender, and you know, religion, but what really falls to the bottom of this, a people with disability. And that's like really interesting, because the statistics of people with disability owning their own business, is actually higher than people without disability.

Creating Captions

Captions and transcriptions are one of the easiest ways to create accessible content. Add captions to everything like videos on social media or your course platform. Create transcripts for your podcast (PERIOD). This is something that once you start doing – you can easily repurpose in your different content marketing efforts. 

Creating a Workflow That Works

One challenge faced by many entrepreneurs is adding time to create more accessible content. Erin shares that it’s more important to focus on just starting than being perfect. She also says that you don’t have to have everything become accessible overnight. By adding in steps to your existing workflow, you have a better chance at making it stick rather than starting everything from scratch. 

Don't feel like you have to start from when you're starting your business, say like this podcast is gonna be your first podcast that you started transcribing. And from this point on, you're going to start doing all of them at this point.

Best Tools for Accessibility

Erin shares some incredible resources for accessibility which she goes more in detail inside of her course: Accessibility Made Easy. Here are a few types of software that allows you to create transcripts and add captions to your videos easily for free or relatively low cost. 


MabelyQ Resources

You can learn more about Erin’s and MabelyQ right here. 

The Course Consultant Resources

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