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Tanya Livestream Video Get Noticed With Video

Expand Your Message & Audience With Livestream Video

In this week’s episode,  I speak with Tanya about how to incorporate livestream video into your content marketing plan and reach new audience to book out your course or service.

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Table of Contents

About Tanya

Tanya helps coaches, consultants, and course creators leverage on-camera content with practical strategies and tools so you can serve more clients, stand out and sell more services.

Getting Started With Livestream Video

Tanya recommends that you don’t need fancy lighting or cameras to get started livestreaming to promote your products or services. In Tanya’s opinion, getting started with Livestreaming is that it’s much less edited than having to commit to making a beautifully edited Youtube videos. 

My, my goal is to tell people, just pick one, pick one, start with that and get to learn it first, get comfortable with it. If there's something you don't like about it after 30 days and go to the next one and try something else, but stick with one, at least for 30 days, that's the tool that I think I would suggest starting out with is some type of streaming platform that will help you to stream into either Facebook, YouTube, or the other spaces, depending on where you're trying to put your brand out there. The second thing I think I would recommend would definitely be you said this too, investing in a good microphone at some point. And if you're not quite ready to really, really just like dig in your pocket and find those black Friday sales that might be coming up for instance, then you may want to try just use an mic or a lapel mic is what it's called. .

Facebook Livestreaming or Youtube Livestreaming?

Tanya shared that Facebook live video was a great place to start her content marketing plan. She also emphasized how important and easy it was to not focus too much on having a perfect background or camera. One of the things we discussed was how great Youtube was when determining how your ideal clients were finding you. 

So I think that one of the biggest benefits is the fact that if you put, or when you create this library of videos on YouTube, if you're using the right keywords, if you're using the type of phrases and words that people will literally put into the space into the search space, because they're looking for a specific thing that's going to help you.

Creating your Visibility Plan with Video

During the interview, Tanya shares about how important it is to have a visibility plan and how video can play a crucial part of that process. For example, Tanya talked about how she used video as a way to share her unique framework to book more of her services and program enrollments. 


Now that we have shared how to get started with how to get started with your livestream content marketing plan, learn more about my weekly office hours and resources from Tanya and myself in the links below. 

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