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Webinar Sales for Course Creators

Four Student Examples of How to Grow Your List & Course Sales

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What You Need For a Profitable Course Launch

Launching a profitable online course requires having a strategy. The truth is that what most aspiring course creators don’t realize is that there are four very important things to consider when creating your course or program so you actually see course sales instead of hearing crickets. 

Profitable Offer Design

Creating a course just isn’t about what you know (sorry to say), but rather identifying what exactly it is that your ideal course students “wants to learn” Read that statement again.  By choosing a topic that you are knowledgeable in, and also providing students what they want to learn will create the right type of course buying attention from your audience. I know lots about many different topics, but not all of these topics make a profitable course. That being said, if people are currently paying you for your knowledge in the form of a service, I believe you can turn that concept into a course that actually sells. 

High Converting Content

Ever thought to yourself, “How did So-and-so read my mind?!!” Well it all starts with identifying and capturing your clients painpoints and providing a clear relationship with your audience through content marketing. Having content that is both engaging, educational, and entertaining can help you get the right eyeballs on your business so you attract. the right students so they come back for more. Research and social media experts agree that video marketing is a big piece of what drives people from being casual consumers to active and engaged customers. 

Visibility & Traffic

Visibility is the spark that sets off a big boom in your business. Whether you get this visibility through networking with others such as Podcasting, guest blogging, speaking at a summit, or using paid advertising – you need more people finding out about how awesome you are and what value you have to share to others. Like I’ve said before, Facebook ads really aren’t the only way to sell your course or program – especially if you’re on a tight budget. I recommend trying to promote your content organically first then slowly investing in other aspects of your course marketing like affiliate marketing or social media Instagram growth. Long term success can’t be built overnight,, so remember this when you get frustrated trying something new for the first time. Visibility and traffic will drive the right people to your neck of the digital interwebs and grow your email list so you speak to the right people. 

A Winning Course Sales Strategy

You need a winning strategy to sell your course and a powerful marketing message. What people often miss is the strategy leading up to the sale. Besides, how many times have you purchased something and read many reviews online or researched a product by using Google? A sales strategy that I highly recommend using for larger and higher priced programs is the sales webinar. I talk more about gaining confidence as a course creator to promote your course with a webinar. Sales webinars are amazing because they can both grow your email list (making it even easier to have the right people in your world) and then showcase both free and paid resources including your courses. I’m going to share with you exactly how some of my students are scaling their online business through webinars. And the great thing is, you don’t have to be a business coach or someone with a large following. In fact webinars work for those even with a small email list because the entire purpose is to get more visible with the right audience! Take a look and read about these student examples!

Sam Hawrylack Wondrous Webinar
Sam is one of my coaching students inside of Course Impact Mastermind

Sam Hawrylack

Sam Hawrylack is the owner and founder of Fire Up Freelance and co-founder of How To Fire. She now helps aspiring freelancers grow their income full-time through freelancing. In Sam’s upcoming training, she shares about exactly how she started freelancing after quitting her job in corporate and starting making consistent 5 figure months and replaced her monthly income under 2 months! In this training you’ll learn how to accelerate your side hustle into a profitable freelancing business even if you’re an introvert, don’t have a huge following, or just plain hate selling. Sam is going to share some awesome resources when it comes to navigating the numbers so you can become zen about making the big leap into freelancing full-time. 

What I love about Sam is how passionate she is about helping her coaching clients feel good about their freelancing business, even if they're just starting out.

Sam’s Fire-up Freelance coaching program focuses on three main pillars of support. In the first stage, she helps her clients fine-tune their exit plan from corporate by reviewing what numbers they’ll need to transition to full-time freelancing, creating a profitable freelancing business roadmap including choosing their service and pricing, and lastly she works with clients to land and support consistent clients so they don’t have to publish frequently on Instagram or cold-pitch to strangers. Doors aren’t open yet for Fireup Freelance coaching program, but you’ll definitely want to signup for the free training once the doors are open!

Kendra Courtney

Kendra Courtney

Kendra helps overwhelmed photographers and coaches stuck in admin create clear and simple workflows using Dubsado so they can get back to running their business. Inside of Kendra’s training, she will be teaching her 4 part workflow framework that she uses for all of her 1:1 Dubsado set ups. Photographers will leave with a foundation on how to set started with their time and energy saving workflows!

What I love about Kendra is her ambitious and hard-working nature. Not only is Kendra very knowledgeable when it comes to helping her clients and course customers with Dubsado workflows, but she's an absolutely sweetheart to work with!

Kendra also has a complete program perfect for photographers that want to get back to supporting their clients called, Dubsado Set Up In a Box For Photographers: A live group program teaching you everything you need to set up your Dubsado to take care client admin. The program isn’t live yet, but I highly recommend you check out her free training in order to level up your photography business without getting stuck in your inbox!

Michelle Stevens

Michelle Stevens helps women redefine healthy living through an energy-first approach to fitness, nutrition, and self-care. In her training, attendees will learn the benefits of fitness (especially for your business), how to sneak little bursts of fitness into your busy day, how to build awareness around your energy and honor it, plus the key differences between setting fitness and business goals.

What I love about Michelle is her straight-forward approach to nutrition, fitness, and self-care that makes it feel easy and doable. Not everyone can make fitness fun, but Michelle does this effortlessly!

Michelle Stevens Gif

Michelle Stevens helps women redefine healthy living through an energy-first approach to fitness, nutrition, and self-care. In her training, attendees will learn the benefits of fitness (especially for your business), how to sneak little bursts of fitness into your busy day, how to build awareness around your energy and honor it, plus the key differences between setting fitness and business goals. If you’re a busy business owner and want to take out time for self-care and a workout routine that doesn’t involve burpees at the beach, Michelle’s training is an absolute must!

claudia orengo mentor for artists

Claudia Orengo

Claudia was one of my first students inside of Wondrous Webinars and her webinar has evolved over time as she’s grown her business. You can read the full feature breakdown I did of Claudia’s course and free training. I must say I’m actually pretty proud of my students! Claudia helps artists and creatives grow their passive income through creating and selling digital designs. Not only as Claudia’s training been featured in Skillshare, but she has some amazing beautiful watercolor designs that she provides to her clients. Inside her free training, How to Make More Money as a Creative Online Without Working Harder or Being Famous, she explains what she’s found to be the perfect way to increase your income without having to get more clients or increase your rates; through selling digital products as instant downloads to grow your passive income. She also explains how to decide which product to start with, where and how to sell them and an in-depth report of her revenue in Creative Market to show it’s possible even if you don’t have a big audience.

Inside of Claudia’s Course Beginner’s Guide to Passive Income, she shares exactly how to make money with your art selling them as digital products on creative marketplaces like Creative Market, Redcircle, and so much more! If you’re a creative who wants to make more money without adding clients to your to-do list, I highly recommend Claudia’s training!

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