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How I Motivate My Team

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One of the things that I first started doing when working as a solo entrepreneur was conducting a lot of tests all on my own. I realized, though, that I wasn’t getting all the things done that I should be focusing more attention on. This also led to the realization that if I wanted to grow, I would need to invest a team to help with tasks that were taking up my time. I put in my own money upfront and took the first step toward building a team: a virtual assistant. I grew from there. Here’s how I motivate my team and continue seeing success across the board.


Understand Your Team Members’ Skills

The first step I take when I hire a new contractor is a needs assessment. I like to work with people who are good at what they do and who will be able to bring value to my business. By learning what their skills are and learning about the needs they have, I’m able to set them up for success from the start. Once I learn what they’re good at, I then compare it to where my needs are. 


In the past, I was hired to do things similar to what I hire people for now. During that time, I found that I both loved and excelled at training. Creating materials, coming up with plans, and helping people learn was my jam. That’s why I turned it into my full-time business. But, there’s more that goes into this than just doing that. For that reason, I find contractors who can do the “other” while I focus on training. I hire someone who loves to do each of the other things that I need done and it’s like having an expert working on every aspect of the business. I motivate my team by giving them tasks that closely align with their goals, their values, and their skill sets.


Help Develop Potential

Continue developing talent. Always. When I’m working with contractors, I find out what they’re good at, but I don’t just leave it at that. I share training with them on things that I’m good at, I encourage them to learn more within their own skills, and I give them resources that will help them go farther than they would on their own. I also motivate my team by allowing them to help teach me or the other contractors about their skills. This helps create growth and transformation while also allowing people to keep focusing on what they’re good at. By sharing, it resonates with the type of work that they’re in and helps them reach new levels even outside of their own skills! 

Celebrate Wins and Accomplishments

While it may not seem like a “big deal,” celebrating can go a long way. It’s important that your team knows that you’re recognizing their accomplishments. With this recognition, the team member will know that they’re on the right path and should continue doing it. 

The benefits of celebrating wins are twofold. When you celebrate openly about a team member’s accomplishments, other team members will see that and will be motivated to work harder and get recognized too! Instead of just focusing on endless new tasks and new jobs for your team members to do, focus on what they’ve done right in the past! 


Motivate My Team

Understand Organizational Needs

What are your needs as an organization and how can you reinforce cultural values? By getting to know your team members and making connections with them on a personal level. Take time to listen to emails and messages, understand their personal lives and what’s going on in them. And, above all understand that they are not only team members but they’re people. I motivate my team by being understanding and treating them like humans instead of worker bees. In turn, they provide me with high-quality work and I get to create lasting relationships with hard workers! 


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