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Kelsa Dickey Financial Coach Academy

How to Create a High Impact Course with Kelsa Dickey

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How to Create a High Impact Course

Kelsa is the Founder and Financial Coach behind Fiscal Fitness Phoenix. What began as a side hustle for Kelsa over a decade ago has grown into a business that helps hundreds of clients every year gain clarity, purpose and peace of mind with their money. Several years ago, she decided financial coaches are the key to solving the stress people feel with money so she launched the Financial Coach Academy – a robust training program and course that teaches future financial coaches how to get great results with their clients. Kelsa’s coaching style provides a high level of support for not only her 1:1 clients but also for her financial coaching course customers.

Identify Who You Want To Serve for your Course

Kelsa started to see clients that were struggling with everyday money challenges were the people that she wanted to show up and serve. This vision propelled her to create a unique financial coaching package to serve the people that weren’t getting the support they needed when it came to handling their everyday finances. After years growing her own financial coaching business, Kelsa wanted to make a greater impact and converted her knowledge of helping others with their finances into a high impact course for aspiring Financial Coaches. This ripple effect of helping financial coaches find their footing has literally helped thousands of individuals, couples and families have a better understanding and peace about handling their own finances. 

how to create an online course

For some reason money is seen as something you're good or bad at, when really it's a skill like any other skill. And that is the skill we help strengthen people.

Define The Painpoints for your Course

Kelsa says one of the major reasons that she created the Financial Coach Academy is because other money training programs focused soley on a “one-size-fits-all” approach leaving people feeling frustrated and that something is innately wrong with them. As a coach, Kelsa teaches her clients as well as her financial coaching students to help people think strategically about their finances through the lens of understanding unique goals and personality. The process of unique knowing and supporting the individual and unique goals of her customers has not only helped Kelsa create raving customers for Financial Fitness Phoenix but also with her Financial Coach Academy! 

how to structure a coaching program

Personal finance is personal. There is no one way that will work for everybody.

Presell Your Course or Coaching Program

Kelsa says that there is no way that she could have forseen the growth and transformation of the Financial Coach Academy without using the preselling method. She started to outline the first and second lesson of the course and started to presell the program. During the first iteration of the Financial Coach Academy, Kelsa shared that any coach that enrolled in the program would receive lifetime access to any subsequent round of the academy. At the time, the Academy was instructed live and students received access to the recordings. Because the course was new and there weren’t any testimonials for the program- Kelsa wanted people to get excited about joining the program even because of having lifetime access. Kelsa also incorporated methods to request and actively request feedback from her students. By asking people how the program could be improved, the impact of the overall program increased and the amount of trainings improved. 

Where I thought I was going to go with my course, was not what happened. What they were telling me that they needed was different from what I had originally anticipated.

Kelsa used the information she received from her “founding members” to provide feedback and give her insight about what people truly needed. This in turn, helped to provide robust information and trainings for future rounds of the Financial Coach Academy.

Free Course Starter Outline!

Grab this easy Course Starter Outline available via Google Sheets!

Plan Your Quarterly Course Launches

Kelsa also shares about their planning process for their Mastermind, Financial Coach Academy or Financial Coach Symposium. Although planning can be challenging with so many different considerations, Kelsa shares that she and her husband Michael Dickey write out all of their ideas on post-it notes and slowly and methodically think through their quarterly launches and remove items off their priority list as they consider what to launch or promote. 

Financial Coach Academy Review

Kelsa's Resource List

Follow Fiscal Fitness Phoenix to learn more tips about creating a plan for your money without having to follow a “one size fits all” approach. 

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Learn more about Financial Coaching through Kelsa’s book Financial Coaching Playbook now sold at Barnes& Noble, Amazon, Walmart, and more! 

Learn more about Financial Coach Academya robust training program that teaches future financial coaches how to get great results with their clients. Financial Coach Academy provides over a decade’s worth of knowledge about the financial coaching industry inside over 382 lessons and an active and supportive engaging community of Financial Coaches and professionals. 

The Course Consultant Resources

Are you looking for a way to launch your course or need help finding a way to sell a course or program with funnels? Reach out to get your strategic call to gain clarity on your ideas and finetune your course marketing strategy. Book a Strategic Course Framework call where we’ll discuss your ideas and come up with a plan to help you launch your profitable program. That’s it for today’s episode! Let us know what your biggest takeaway is!