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How To Prepare for Black Friday as a Course Creator

This post includes affiliate links in which I receive a small commission. I only promote products I’m genuinely passionate about or have used! For more information please see my disclaimer page. 

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My Top Tech Tips for Selling Courses

When you cross the finish line as a course creator and finally hit publish, there is a big rush and sensation! But as you sit and wait for all the sales to come in, you might start to wonder. “Oh no! Is someone going to buy this course?” “How am I going to get people to purchase?” “Oh dear, did I just waste weeks/months of my time?” I know that selling your course might feel overwhelming. I know I did. I want to share with you my favorite ways to sell your course and prepare for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and beyond. 

Run a Flash Sale

A flash sale is a short period of time in which certain products have a discount either as a percentage or a dollar amount off. I’ve recently started experimenting with Flash Sales and I’ve had a lot of fun. Currently, I’m a big fan of Elizabeth’s Goddard’s Make A Flash for It. During Halloween 2020, I ran a flash sale which I entitled “Spooky Spectacular,” which ended up being incredibly fun. I created a shop page with multiple different products with a limited time discount. I ran the sale for about 5 days and shared about this offer with affiliates which resulted in several sales and piqued some interest in my other products.

I also created a pop-up using Elementor Pro that allowed people to click from the home page and throughout the site to go to the salespage. Besides being incredibly cute, this pop-up also reminded potential buyers that there was a limited time to purchase with the discount by using a discount code due to the timer. 

Here are some of the tech tools which I used to run a flash sale. 

  • Hellobar – I used Hellobar to create a way to get people to click over to my latest Spooky Spectacular salespage. This bar resided on the top of my home page and throughout my site. 
  • Elementor Pro – I used a timer with a hard deadline for Halloween. Elementor Pro has a timer with both an evergreen option and a hard deadline. Evergreen refers to an option in which the timer is customized based on the first time a customer sees the timer. 
  • ThriveCart – Thrivecart is my ultimate favorite tool for selling courses. I created a very simplistic salespage and the buttons went straight to the cart checkout. It was a ton of fun, and much easier to set up than directing each person to the individual salespages.
Thrivecart offers advanced customization for coupons and discount codes.

Create a Discount Code

I love using Thrivecart because creating coupons are just so easy. To prepare for Black Friday, you need a tool that will allow you to create discount code or you’ll have to reduce the price manually. Once you choose the name of your coupon and the percentage off, you can easily email your customers to let them know about the coupon during your Black Friday or other holiday sale. I really like Thrivecart’s approach to coupon’s because you can create a deadline for your coupon so it can’t be used past a certain date. I also like that I can track affiliate coupon codes, if I wanted. For instance, I have in the past created a coupon code for an affiliate to see how many purchases were created from that affiliate. I have also created a special email markeing tag for an affiliate to track who has come into my world from that affiliate whether or not they have purchased anything. 

The Uncomplicated, No Fear Way

To Sell Your Course With a Webinar

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Create an Affiliate Program

I’m a big fan of building networking relationships. As someone that doesn’t have an incredibly large audience, I rely on other’s to help me increase my visibility online. Besides making a new friend and acquaintance, building a solid affiliate program will also generate more sales. I have multiple affiliates for my program currently, and just earlier this year I purchased Zoe Linda’s Affiliate Program Toolkit which in my opinion is one of the most advanced and thorough trainings on the topic for course creators. You can grab the free Affiliate Program Starter Guide to learn more. I generally send my affiliates a brief description of what my sale is going to be about, email swipe files to send to their audience, as well as visual digital product mock-up graphics, and access to their unique affiliate link. 

Kimi Kinsey Holiday Salespage Demo

Create Your Holiday Salespage

Having a specific salespage for your holiday offers for Black Friday or Cyber Monday will make it so much easier for your audience to see what’s on sale in a visually appealing way. I recently came across Kimi Kinsey in my current group coaching program. She came up with this amazing Holiday Salespage Template for Black Friday and Christmas and I’m absolutely in love with it. I’m not a web designer, although I do know how to design website landing pages – it’s definitely not my favorite. I highly reccommend that you take a look at her salespage templates, especially if you are a WordPress and Elementor user. It’s not only beautifully designed, but can help you make more sales! 

Other Resources

Black Friday sales don’t have to feel icky or overwhelming. People sometimes spend months planning them and trying to make a massive promotion. I think that’s awesome, but I’m less about this mega planning and launch and more about helping people see that it’s doable. Other courses I find particularly helpful on Black Friday include Elizabeth Goddard’s That Black Friday Feeling and Zoe Linda’s Black Friday Boost. I’m really excited about my Black Friday sale this month. I know that you’ll find it useful and helpful. How’s your planning going with your Black Friday and Holiday sale planning? Drop me a message in that pink box in the corner! I’d love to hear from you.