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Kristen Achziger Going Ultraviolet

The Heart-Centered Way to More Sales

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Table of Contents

About Kristen Achziger

In this episode, I speak about human centric marketing and interview Kristen Achziger, a Copywriting and Launch Strategist, who helps people convert into sales in an ethical way. Kristen and I were friends for many years in college. She started her business helping other business owners in commercial and brand video development. She later transitioned into ethical sales copywriting for business owners that want to sell their services or promote their digital products and courses. Kristen shares her main tips and takeaways for helping people land more sales without coercion or making people feel guilty.

Human Centric Sales

So what exactly is human centric sales? Kristen shares inside of the podcast episode that the copywriting tactics should be focused on persuasian and not coercion. She talks about how coercion amplifies pain points and manipulates people based off of real vulnerabilities instead of empathizing and allowing people to make educated choices based off of the information presented. Kristen shares more about the key differences in strategy for heart centered sales in the graphic below from her Instagram.

Share Your Story

One especially important way to support your audience’s decision making is to provide information about your story in an authentic way. By sharing any insights, examples, and your story – you can provide background knowledge about opportunities to work with you on a closer level either for services, group programs, or self paced courses. This is especially important in email newsletters or sales emails to nurture your audience before you begin the process of selling. 

You don't have to persuade someone to buy something they know they need. - Kristen Achziger

Share Your Excitement

Kristen shares that it’s important to share about your courses, digital products, or services in a way that is exciting. I mean, selling courses and services should feel exhilirating! You are in fact helping people by supporting them reach their goals! Create an experience for your audience to feel excited about their purchase so they can go on and conquer their goals! As you continue to work with them either through their courses or services, this provides them with a higher level of support as they work towards accomplishing their next goal. 

Share the Details

Sharing the details about the offer including what’s included, pricing, and special bonuses you’ll be able to provide your audience with the best information possible to make a decision based on all the information provided. By not being up-front about all of the information you may not be able to share all of the information needed in order for people to make educated decisions based on the information. 

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Guest Resources

Like many, Kristen began the process of creating her own unique digital products to help individuals create ethical sales copywriting if they were not able to invest or work with her closely 1:1. She now has a shop available for a variety of products covering the topic of ethical copywriting. You can learn more about her business Going Ultraviolet in the following areas. 


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The Course Consultant Resources

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