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Jono Petrohilos Course Creator Community

How Jono Built a $1 Million Course Business

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About Jono Petrohilos

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In this episode, I interview Jono Petrohilos. Jono is the co-founder and director of Fitness Education Online, the largest continuing education company in Australia. He also won the current fitness Australia Educator of the Year and sells over $1 million worth of courses a year. He’s absolutely the coolest guy! Jono is also the podcast host and founder of The Course Creator Community.

How a $5 Video Inspired A $1M Business

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From small beginnings to booked out personal trainer

Jono mentions that he got his start out as a fitness trainer where he ran a bootcamp helping people regain their energy and improve their on physical health and fitness. But, he says that when he first started out, he wasn’t hitting the benchmarks he needed to rank and become top of his game. So- he set out to figure out how he could become better than ever and become a stand-out trainer by learning from the Franchise chain owner who started out as a drop-out high school student, got fired from Walmart, and ended up starting a chain of 75 fitness centers. He educated himself through taking online courses to help improve his personal training business. Each course improved his rankings in the industry after he  implemented on books, podcasts, and so much more! He eventually went from 20 students to over 100 and eventually went on to create a secondary physical location. 

Jono went on to say that after spending months attending classes and absorbing everything he could about the industry, he felt that there was something lacking in the field for other personal trainers. So he set out to create something that modeled his own unique way of doing things to help more people achieve their goals and increase their income as a personal trainer. From there, he went on to simplify his process of educating others by creating an online course.

After downloading an ebook, he went on to Fiverr and started creating the simple outline for his course and hired someone to “pretty up” his Word Document to turn it into a sellable PDF. 

I still remember I went on there, there was a guy that said he would slap himself in the face for five bucks. So, I purchased that one too. And he sent it over to me. And he didn't hold back. Like it was a hard slap, you know, like a really, really hard slap. And I was like, man, I feel sorry for what some people are gonna do for money, you know. But then I looked at the video he sent over. It was an unlisted YouTube video. And it had 100,000 views. And I'm like, hold on, this guy didn't send me a personal slap. He slapped himself once. And he's sold that 100,000 times of what this guy has made half a million dollars from slapping himself in the face that almost similar to an online course.

This inspired Jono to make his own version of his course using unlisted Youtube videos and embedding them onto a PDF to sell his course which he sold for $500. This goes to show that it’s absolutely possible to sell your course or product without having to rely on flashy salespages or fancy tech!

Guest Resources

Jono has some fabulous resources and conversations inside of his free Facebook group. The Course Creator Community!  I’m inside the group and it’s a lot of good fun. 

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