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My Anti-Launch Approach to Selling

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What is a Launch

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Over the last few months I’ve spent working with clients to develop amazing group coaching programs and digital courses. I personally love the work that I do, but I have seen a bit of a repeating pattern that I want to address. In the online digital space, people often have this idea that “launching” a digital product, course, or group coaching program has to be a massively time consuming, emotionally draining, and dramatic process in which you spend months/years prepping for this huge event. For those that are new to the digital course industry, “launching” refers to a process in which you are actively promoting or selling a digital course or program. And while I believe that digital courses are incredibly important part of educating your customers and audience members, I don’t really think that it has to entail one large, massive to-do list or launch. 

My Anti-Launch Approach

If you’re new to “The Course Consultant,” welcome! I’m really ecstatic that you are here. I want to tell you about my anti-launch approach when it comes to creating digital products. Now, let’s talk about the current state in which we review and analyze what the gurus are saying. Here are just a few of the more ridiculous things that I’ve heard people say when it comes to marketing or promoting your digital products or courses. 

  • You have to have a massive email list to launch a digital product or course. (It’s certainly helpful, but no-you don’t need a big email list to launch a course.)
  • You have to spend about 3-6 months gearing up for your course launch. (It might be helpful if you’re selling a big ticket offer, but not incredibly essential if you’re selling a low priced offer.)
  • You need to use Facebook ads. Um…no. 
  • You need to spend 3-6 months preparing a perfect course. (Please definitely don’t do this.)

Why Fast Launching Is So Much Better

I believe that you don’t need to wait 6 months to make money. You just need a strategy, some willpower, and lots of creative energy around your subject. If you love to teach and instruct, then there’s no need to spend months worrying about your “launch” strategy. You should focus on what your students want and need and what you love. So here’s just a few ways that you can use my anti-launch approach to selling digital courses and programs online quickly. 

Dr. Julianna Hynes Leading on Purpose

Sell Something You Already Have

If you’re a service based provider such as a coach, consultant, or freelancer, this is probably one of the easiest methods that you can use to create a digital product. Let’s say that you are a social media manager or copywriter, you can create a template based on a deliverable you have created for a client. For instance, I’ve written out tons of email sequences over the last few months and so I decided that I would create a template in Google Docs based on my email sequences. It was so much easier to sell because I knew this was something that I’ve used in the past or have sold to clients in the past. Here is a list of several examples that you can use today to create a digital product.

  • Create a template based on a spreadsheet you already use in your business/personal life
  • Create a template from a Canva Design and remove all of the content from this design that was pertinent to a project or to your business
  • Take a Facebook Live that is instructional in nature and remove it from your Facebook group and use this as part of a course / masterclass
Right now, I’m personally a big fan of Elizabeth Goddard’s the “Fast Guide to Launching” and her other course the “Quick Start Guide to Profitable Live Trainings” I’ve been using both approaches recently to the way I’ve been doing business lately and I will tell you that I find it so much more enjoyable to “launch” things into the world now. 

Create a Low Price Workshop

One main reason people launch a massive course or group coaching program into the world is because the incentive to make money is so much higher than smaller digital products or courses. And while it’s definitely amazing to make $500 to $600 more, you’ll find that most people won’t be interested in your high ticket service or group coaching program until they’ve purchased some sort of smaller product or course from you to test the waters. Why not capitalize on people who are interested in your topic or niche and start with a lower priced workshop? Low-priced workshops can be so much easier to create because they are generally contained within a 60-90 minute time period. I’ve launched two workshops over the last two months using this approach and it’s been so fun to create these trainings! Plus, I didn’t have to wait months to get paid. I made money up-front and now have a digital course to sell! Whoopee!

  • Systematic Funnels Workshop – Curate your offers and get your digital product up and running to make more sales online. I originally presold this workshop at $47 with an affiliate. Later, I sold this as part of a bundle. And finally, I increased the price to $97 after the live training was delivered.
  • Sweet Service Success – A quick & actionable training that helps you book high ticket dream clients who don’t blink twice at your five figure rates. I originally delivered this training at $97 and presold this training as part of a bundle offering for $127. I later increased this product to $127 individually. 

Skip the Salespage

I’m a big fan of beautiful salespages. For those that are new to “salespages,” these are specific website landing pages that are geared towards showcasing the value of a certain digital product or program. I love them and while they certainly have their place, I really love when people skip the whole salespage and create a quick and dirty landing page using some simple tech setups. Here’s a few ways you can use tech to get paid with your digital product or service. 

  • Set up a simple cart check out page using ThriveCart. Add a few testimonials and include a digital mockup of what you will be offering and add your payment processor!
  • Create a salespage using Samcart. I really love the easy drag and drop interface for this tool! 
  • Create a form using Paperform for consultations and get paid using their payment feature. 
  • Schedule and sell a workshop using Calendly and get paid through this Pro feature and version.

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Do A Beta Round

Beta rounds are one of my favorite ways to test the waters when it comes to a new course or digital product. I especially love testing a product by offering it at a discounted price or rate. For instance, if you wanted to charge a higher priced consultation fee, you could (in theory) run the consultations for free or at a much higher discounted rate at first, then gain testimonials and build your salespage / cart checkout software like Thrivecart and Samcart and then share this with the world! 


Making digital products and courses should feel fun and exciting. Entering into a space of creativity and where your energy flows easily is where I want you to be. I love  learning and taking part in the ideas that other people share with the world. If this article sounded interesting, why not reach out and schedule a consultation call? It’s a totally fun way to connect, spread ideas, and build the course or digital product that you’ve been itching to create!