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My Easy Sales Webinar Checklist

Table of Contents

What is a Sales Webinar

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Today, I’m feeling excited and giddy to talk a bit more about sales webinars. A sales webinar is usually a free training to or workshop developed with the intention to pitch a service or product at the end of a presentation. If you’ve been around the digital marketing space, you may have heard from Trevor (the imaginary and totally made up digital marketing guru) that sales webinars are all the rage and that it’s incredibly essential to have a high converting “funnel.” Trevor, of course is a ridiculously handsome, 6 pack Millenial who swears by energy drinks and sales webinars. 😓  If it seemed a bit *ick* before and not you’re style, don’t worry – I’m going to give you my personal take on this elusive marketing tactic.  If you’re new to sales webinars, that’s great too!  There’s going to be some golden gems I’ll be sharing for those that are completely new to the topic.

Sales webinar checklist

Simple Sales Webinar Checklist

Creating a free webinar is totally way easier than people make it out to be. Although it may seem like a massive to-do list, I’ve compiled a list of the essential things you need to actually develop your live webinar into an evergreen webinar. Here are some things that I think are essential to have when it comes to creating your webinar. 

  • A free training topic. This is essentially a topic that will cover a step by step, how to, mistakes to avoid, or case studies to share about a specific pain point that your audience is interested in learning about. Your title should be compelling enough so someone would be interested in attending or learning more. 
  • A sign-up page. This is a simple sign-up page or registration page in which someone will be able to register for the free live or pre-recorded webinar. 
  • A webinar software – Don’t go overboard here. You can skip the fancy tech and use something simple like Zoom to record your webinar or pre-record your training with Loom. There are other softwares out there like WebinarJam or Demio which delivers a webinar experience for your audience complete with a chat window, but you really don’t need to go all out when it comes to the delivery of the webinar. The focus should be on the content itself.
  • A webinar/video host  – The next thing you’ll need is a webinar or video host. Many people decide on investing in software such as EverWebinar or EasyWebinar to make the webinar appear to be live based on limiting sign-up windows to appear “just in time” for an interested potential buyer. This software mimics a live training environment complete with comments and chat windows. I personally don’t love this approach because A) the software is expensive B) many people (especially in the digital space) already know that the webinar isn’t actually live. I personally use Vimeo to host my pre-recorded webinars and host them on my website. 
  • An automated countdown timer – Urgency is a key factor in digital marketing so having an automated countdown timer will help provide people a “limited time” approach. Creating an automated countdown timer can be accomplished through using software like Deadline Funnel, but there are many alternatives out there with similar features such as Elementor Pro (my personal favorite) and HurryTimer a WordPress Plugin. 
  • An expired page – This last part does require a bit of tech setup. Once the automated countdown timer runs out, you’ll need an automated system to redirect visitors to your expired salespage. You can decide to still share the offer at an increased price or tell someone that the offer is unavailable for purchase until your next round begins. 

Why I love Sales Webinars

I am absolutely in love with sales webinars because not only are they a great way to build your email list, but you can also presell courses or services you haven’t developed yet. Webinars also provide an easy way to explain the value in something versus having to hop on a sales or discovery call. Oh yes, and they are actually quite fun to deliver virtually. I often find people share with how valuable my trainings are when they are free, even if I do share about an offer at the end. Lastly, webinars are a perfect way to help affiliates promote a product without having lots of heavy lifting on the affiliate’s side. 

How I Made $4k from Sales Webinars

One main reason why I love sales webinars is that you can actually make money from them in an absolutely authentic way. Not only does this work for courses, but it was one of the main ways that I’ve sold services as well. The actual tally is actually closer to over $6k in sales from webinars, but you can see my breakdown below. I’m not quite factoring in the last webinar since this service was for a similar but different service package which wasn’t promoted directly from the last training. 

Here are just a few titles of free trainings in which I’ve delivered over the past two years. 

12 Mistakes Course Creator’s Make and How to Fix Them – This was a modified version of a sales webinar that I had developed previously called 7 Mistakes New Course Creator’s Make which I launched in late 2019 before I even had a website. I used this webinar to send to prospective clients which was hosted privately on Youtube. I had no email sequences, and no fancy tech, and I still was able to get someone from brand new to my business to work with me 1:1 through the webinar. 

  • Sold a freelance service for $1,200 based on a super simple webinar. This client went on to have me support another project which paid me about $2k. 
  • The new and improved webinar sequence was developed with the intention of selling my Course Power Hour. Although I no longer offer this service, I made roughly $595 as a result from this webinar. 

How to Make a Magical Offer That Sells Like Hotcakes  –  

  • This is a relatively new webinar that was developed to originally share about my CEO Course Creator Bundle. 
  • Shared this webinar with an affiliate 1X and made a total gross revenue of $325 from selling the bundle. Although this wasn’t quite as high as I originally was hoping for, I was glad that people still loved the training and I still gained about 20 new email subscribers from this training. Plus, the conversion rate is roughly 20% which isn’t too bad all things considered. 

3 Secrets to Launching a Successful Digital Product Without a Large Following (Retired Training) – 

  • This was originally a Sales Webinar that I developed with the intention of selling consulting and freelance services. 
  • I ended up adding over 50 new subscribers to my email list as a result of pre-recording the webinar. 
  • 1 person ended up purchasing over $2,500 worth of services from me as a result of the webinar. 
Digital Sales Webinar
Convertkit offers beautiful templates for webinar registrations

Setting Up Your Webinar Registration Page

To create a simple sign-up page, you can create a beautiful registration page on your website. I don’t reccomend using Zoom’s registration page because it won’t really connect with your email marketing platform seamlessly. Zoom’s webinar registration page is actually quite blah (in my professional opinion). 

You can set up a registration webpage on your site using a few of the below options:

  • A landing page such as Converkit, Mailerlite, or Mailchimp instead of a designed page on your website. 
  • A website landing page with a form feature designed on your site using a page builder such as Elementor, OptimizePress, Divi, or Beaverbuilder if you’re using some sort of WordPress website. 
  • Kajabi has some features inbuilt such as Pipelines which allows you to customize templates based on a sales webinar format. 

Authentic Webinar Marketing

Raise your digital hand if you’ve ever been approached by someone selling a product and you felt like the car salesman tactics was being piled on super thick? Yup! I’ve felt that way too and that’s why there’s a way to do this without feeling uncomfortable. You don’t have to sell your soul or make due with Trevor the digital marketing guru’s tactics if it doesn’t feel good to you. You can still share valuable tips and resources in your training while still providing opportunities for people to purchase using sales webinars. 

  • Speak to your customer like an incredible and amazing human being instead of a wallet. 
  • Engage with attendees during the webinar by getting people to respond in the comments. I promise you will feel way more excited to share about your offer when people engage instead of feeling awkward or nervous.
  • Share with people if the webinar is pre-recorded instead of pretending that it’s live. 
  • If you feel comfortable, explain that you’ll be sharing a way to work with you at the end of the webinar before it even begins. 
  • Acknowledge the fears and setbacks from your audience because they are real! Be yourself and don’t worry if you mess up a word here or there. People respond to humanness instead of a robot reading a sales script. 

Last Thoughts

I really love sales webinars and I hope that this blog post gives you confidence to believe that you can absolutely share your services in a way that’s authentic and feels good. Webinars are an incredibly powerful tool to connect with potential audience members that like your teaching style. Not everyone is meant to purchase from a webinar. In fact, someone might watch a webinar and eventually purchase a different service or a product from you as an indirect result of the webinar. The main thing to think about is sharing people an opportunity to build your email list, share about your courses/services, and have fun doing it! 


I’m kind of obsessed with having fun in my online business and I want you to feel the same way! If you liked this article, why not reach out and schedule a consultation call? I know that whether you’re a 6-7 figure business owner or completely brand new to the digital space, you have a great idea that can help make the world a much better place. That’s it for today.