Social Media Marketing World 2022 Course Creator

In this episode, I interview three successful course creatores who share their Social Media Marketing World 2022 on how to leverage social media and market your course from this event!

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About Social Media Marketing World

Social Media Marketing world is a world event that showcases the latest trends and strategies to help businesses of all sizes grow through social media marketing strategy. It’s held annually in San Diego, Califorinia. I visited Social Media Marketing World first in 2020. It was an incredible time where I had the chance to connect with other course creators and business consultants. I made some great friends that I’ve managed to stay connected with to this day! 

You can read my full recap of that year in this article: 

2020 Year in Review

Social Media Marketing

SMMW22 Course Creator Meetup

This year, I decided to have a meetup in person at an amazing restaurant and connected with 10 plus course creators and business experts. I had a blast meeting up with some amazing course creators to talk about their membership, course, and their travels around the world. I especially loved connecting with my new Australian friends Jono and Claudia! Next year I plan on hosting another Course Creator Meetup at Social Media Marketing World 2023, so stay tuned!

Wave Wyld's Tik Tok Tips & Resources

Wave Wyld Tik Tok Consultant

Wave Wyld is a TikTok coach that helps people who feel confused and overwhelmed with a TikTok platform to the kind that creates loyal raving fans, positions you as the expert and makes you money in your business. Not only that wave wild is also a course creator. So if you have any questions about how to create good content that attracts your ideal customers, check out these tips!

Wave recommends leveraging trends to tell people about your course, not simply sharing a funny joke. She also recommends using livestreaming and posts to build your list, sell your products, and drive sales through specific call to actions. 

Use TikTok to sell your course through promotional content, live streaming, build your list, and think of creative ways to sell your products like trends with a specific call to action.

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Shannon DeSouza Sales Tips

Shannon DeSouza is an online marketing strategist and social selling expert. She helps small businesses and agencies get clear on their strategy, connect up with their community, attract their dream clients effortlessly using proven digital and internet marketing formulas. She not only has 10 years of experience working in both sales and marketing departments in the software industry, but she also uses these same formulas to help small businesses in any industry, make more money online by gaining more visibility and driving traffic to increase their sales.

Shannon shares how important it is to leverage the social platform Tik Tok’s new features, especially since we can establish our thought leadership on a niche or topic. She says this is especially true for course creators

That (Tik Tok) is truly where we can build that preeminence. Like what we're known for and really drill into our expertise, especially in the course world.

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Jono's Podcast Tips & Resources

Jono Course Creator Community

Jono Petrohilos is the founder of the Course Creator Community, the man behind the Course Creator Community Facebook – the industries most engaged Facebook Group. He’s also the host of the Course Creator Community podcast and founder of the Course Creator Community VIP Membership.

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So if you're a podcast host, there's two questions you ideally wanna get really good at asking your guests, which is why and how come.

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The Course Consultant Resources

Ask Yvi Clickup Consultant
Me and the one and only Yvonne "Ask Yvi"
Mary Fain Brandt Linkedin Consultant
Mary Fain Brandt (The Liinkedin Consultant) and I

My overall takeaways was to always consider testing and trying new angles in your marketing as well as reviewing and diving deeper into your analytics. Overall, the conference reaffirmed the importance for understading the customer journey (especially when it comes to marketing) and how to make the experience for your customers an impactful one.

Next year, I hope to attend the event again as well as hold another in-person event for course creators in the coming months, so keep your eyes peeled for more updates!

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Check out these other helpful Tik Tok folks: Keenya KellyRachel Pederson

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