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How Andrea Made Her First Course on Social Media Marketing

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Andrea is an Online Marketing Strategist who owns and operates AM Creative, a boutique marketing agency located in Wollongong Australia. She started developing her course on Instagram Marketing last year and recently revealed the lessons she learned while developing her Master Course.

Identify Your Ideal Client

Andrea points out that by speaking to everyone, you speak to no one. This is one of the first things she learned while cultivating messages through social media channels in her agency. She also says that to create messages for your ideal client, you must think through the common things that are pain points for your clients or customers in order to show them the value that your business provides. She says that this is actually one of the first activities she includes as a Customer Avatar Worksheet in her Instagram Marketing class.  Creating a course can be difficult, but this is something that Andrea worked on before developing her online course curriculum.

Identify Your Ideal Client

Complete Market Research

One of the biggest things she says that other marketing agencies aren’t speaking about is the importance of market research. Andrea discusses how powerful doing a competitor analysis is before creating any digital content for marketing, especially on Instagram. She says many people fall into the bad habit of developing posts simply out of necessity and not being strategic. She states that by setting SMART goals, you’ll be able to create small and large goals for your marketing campaigns that will drive awareness and revenue into your business.

Share Valuable Content

Andrea continues by saying that your Instagram posts should “Educate, Entertain, or Inspire.” By doing behind the scenes videos, documenting a live event, or promoting a digital product or new service or program, you can create a nurturing relationship with your audience and prospective customers. These kinds of posts can help you showcase your authority on a subject or topic and share the success your clients have. Building trust around your digital products is definitely something that is supported through an online marketing campaign.

Quality Isn’t Always Expensive

Andrea says it’s less important to have experience photos to show up on Instagram and more important to show up with your authentic self. She says that many of her photos are taken from her iPhone. She says that if you have the budget to take higher quality photos, that is wonderful but not required to show up online!

Use Strategic Hashtags

Andrea says that niche hashtags are a strategic way to gain more visibility online. Niche hashtags, especially local hashtags, act as an Instagram version of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). She says researching keywords for a list of hashtags that are local or niche based will help you gain visibility when you post photos through the social media channel. Key points: stay away from really popular hashtags that are too broad because posts can get easily lost in a sea of other competitors.

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Create a Course Roadmap

Andrea discusses how important it is to create a course roadmap for your course including finding tech, finding course platforms, creating powerpoints, and finding the time. She says that outsourcing to professionals has significantly decreased the amount of time she needed to create her course to help while she runs her business.


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