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An Interview with Facebook Ads Manager Latasha James

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Welcome to the Course Consultant Show, a show dedicated to help you launch your online course with a get ready to hear from successful course creators who ditch the nine to five, gain passive income on their couch, and took charge of their dreams. Here’s your host Melody Johnson, professional online course designer, and lover of all things chocolate.

An Interview With Facebook Ads Manager Latasha James

Latasha is a marketing strategist, digital content creator, and coach. She is the founder of the Freelance Friday Podcast, a YouTube channel expert, and co-founder of James & Park. We sat down with her to get some amazing advice you can apply to your strategies! 

How To Use Facebook Ads Manager

With Facebook changing and updating its Ads Manager dashboard, it can be difficult to keep up! It’s important to watch for updates so that you’ll know exactly how to use the version you’re working with. The company is often very good about including instructions  on those changes! 

The best way to use it to increase your social media strategy is by thinking of it as a sales funnel. The ads that you create lead people down a sales funnel like email marketing or organic content. 



There are different stages to creating the ideal ads with Ads Manager. Start with awareness to get your name and your brand out there. Then, move to conversions. This is where you’ll be able to focus your efforts on grabbing your audience’s attention.

By first building up your engagement, you’ll likely have more success than you would if you chose to just “cold call.” Broaden your following and that’ll warm your audience up with engagements. Then, use helpful tools like Pixel to learn more about those engagements. From there, you can plan your conversions! 

How To Create A Facebook Ad 

When you’re using Facebook Ads Manager to create an ad, there are tools that can make it easier. Facebook Pixel is one of the tools that can make optimizing your ads so much easier. It functions like codes from search engines and gives you an in-depth look at how your ad is performing. Add the small line of code to your website and you’ll be able to track how your ads are performing. This is helpful to see which ones are performing, what you can do to improve your ads, and the best route to take when planning new ones. Once you’ve set that up, you can create the actual ad. 


Your first ad needs to be all about engagement. It’s the most crucial step to the sales funnel that will lead to conversions from your ad. Creating the ad is simple. Facebook Ads Manager has an easy to use system. If you can create a post on Facebook, you can create an ad. The most important part is considering your audience for the ad. What does your ideal engagement look like? From there, choose the specific audience you want!

Facebook Ads Guide

Split Testing

Once you start using Facebook Ads Manager, you’ll want to start split testing.  You’re testing a factor against another factor to determine performance. To test different areas, create the same content for the ad. Then, choose your audience in two different markets. Learn which one likes it better by looking at performance. Facebook makes this easy by offering a split testing option at the beginning of ad creation. You can also do it on age, gender, interest-based targeting, and more! 

Interest-Based Targeting

One of the best ways that you can create ads is with interest-based targeting. This should be part of your social media ad strategy and includes a huge variety of interests that you can choose from. Experts like Latasha James use this to make sure that the right people are seeing the right ads. Choose from things that they like, things they’ve shared, or things they follow.


Ad Budget Calculator

Another important aspect of using Facebook Ads Manager is figuring out how much you should spend. If you are new to ad spend, it can be hard to determine what the right budget is. Use an ad budget calculator to determine what your ad spend should be at the beginning. You’ll need to know how much your course is going to cost, how many courses you want to sell, and conversion rates for your site. Once you’ve entered all the information, the ad calculator will give you a target budget for your ad spend! 

Start With Organic

Test with organic! While you probably won’t see big returns from organic targeting, you can test it out with your audience. Learn what engages that audience. Find out what works so that you’ll be able to give people what they want when you switch to paid ads. This is especially helpful if you’re very new to sales funnels and running Facebook ads.

Get Expert Help

Creating ads, building your audience, and perfecting the sales funnel can all be difficult to do if you’ve never done it before. While Facebook Ads Manager is simple to use, there are many factors that go into perfecting your ads. Getting professional help with creating the perfect ad strategy may increase your chances of success from the start! 

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