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Andrea Jones Social Savvy

Social Media Strategy for Course Creators

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Create A Social Media Sales Funnel

There are so many ways to connect with your audience. By creating a social media strategy, you’ll have a higher likelihood of converting your followers into paying customers. Andrea Jones, the creator of the Savvy Social School and podcast host of the Savvy Social Podcast says there there are several things to consider when creating a social media strategy for your online course or digital product. The first stage is the attract phase where you try to court or attract your ideal client or customer. The second stage is the convert phase where a lead magnet such as a Facebook group, lead magnet, quiz, or other content lets your customer take the next step in their journey. The third stage is where a follower chooses to purchase your offer. And lastly, Andrea says that in the last stage is an advocate phase where customers become advocates and help you sell more by sharing how much they love what you offer!

Use a Social Content Pillars 

Andrea says that the promotional content is one of the main piece of social media that discusses an offer’s features and focus of the transformation of the project. Sometimes it can be easy to overuse this type of content. The second content pillar is educational content. In this piece of content, you’ll learn how to create helpful tutorials and information that will assist your ideal client or customer achieve a goal or solve a problem in their lives. By using social media, you can share videos and images on your chosen social media platform. The third content pillar is entertaining content. You can use funny memes, behind the scenes videos, or interesting facts to help attract new customers. The fourth content pillar is engaging content. This is a piece of content such as an image that might be controversial, a positive quote, or a question that leads people to interact with your brand or business. Andrea says that by using these strategies you can implement a plan to help your business connect with more potential customers. 

Tips for Creating a Membership Program

Andrea says that she noticed that she kept updating her original course curriculum and wanted to convert her courses into a membership program. She says that because her topic of social media is constantly changing, it was something that made sense for her business. Additionally she found that the coaching element was vital to help students understand a broad topic across multiple platforms by using webinars for her students as techniques and social media platforms change.  It’s important to choose a great course platform. Andrea says that she started her courses by hosting them on WordPress and later transitioned her courses into her membership with Teachable. Other resources she’s used includes Demio for webinar automations and Zoom for video conference calls. 


Creating an online course or membership can be great! But, it’s important to consider how you are going to implement your strategy for developing and launching your online course. Before you head away from this article, head on over to watch the free training abot 3 Secrets to Launching A Digital Product Without a Big Following!