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Facebook chatbots for course creators

Facebook Chatbots for Course Creators

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Welcome to the Course Consultant Show, a show dedicated to help you launch your online course with a get ready to hear from successful course creators who ditch the nine to five, gain passive income on their couch, and took charge of their dreams. Here’s your host Melody Johnson, professional online course designer, and lover of all things chocolate.

Facebook Chatbots for Course Creators

As a course creator, you have so many tools at your disposal. Finding which ones can help you the most is a crucial part to not only managing your business but also making sure that it thrives! Facebook chatbots for course creators might not have even crossed your mind yet, but adding these to your arsenal can be helpful! 

Understanding Messenger Bots 

Messenger bots are a way to facilitate a conversation with end users without ever having to be present on Facebook. It’s important to use an effective social media marketing strategy when you launch your course. The creator of the bot makes various scenarios that will lead the customer down different paths with different answers designed for specific things. The chat bot interacts with users just like a real person would and encourages communication to help generate leads! It’s also an excellent timesaver! 

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Chatbots can be used in a variety of situations. In fact, one of the most innovative ways that course creators can use them is through ads! Creators are able to make ads that then connect the customer with a chat where a chatbot can carry on the conversation. They are an excellent new option for marketing and can reduce the amount of time you have to spend actively communicating with customers on social media.

Creating Chatbots

Most course creators can manage creating their own chatbots! Since this is such a great tool to be using, most creators should actually be doing this! Using software like ManyChat, you can build your chatbot for messenger without having to know coding. While it can be helpful to have a basic understanding of coding languages, the software will work for most course creators. Their builder works similarly to site builders where you can just drag and drop the your sequence to start a conversation, get your customers’ email addresses, and deliver a lead magnet! They offer both a free plan and a premium subscription which is still affordable for most course creators. There are many features in both versions and you can start with a template then customize it from there!

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Learning the Essentials

While you technically can get started with a bot creator on your own, there are still some specifics that you should know about. Learning more about the essentials will make it easier for you to get the most out of your creator. The creator of Baby Got Bot has an excellent course on how to not only create the ideal bot but also make that bot work in the best way possible for you. There, you can learn about every single feature offered in the program and exactly how to use that to your benefit. 

Since Many Chat has so many components, it’s important to make sure that you’re not missing out on the options that are available to improve your course creation business. Find out which tools are worth your while and which ones may not work the best for your business while following along with an expert course creator and chatbot users.

Making it Work for You 

Once you’ve started using chatbots, there are so many new things that you can do with them by incorporating them into your sales funnel. A/B test them to learn what the customers respond to, find out their buying habits after talking with the chatbot compared to talking with a live person, and then use the chatbots to create more sales funnels. All of this will lead to more success for you and will allow you to take on stronger and better strategies while also making sure you can give your customers exactly what they want from your sales funnels. The options are endless in how you can make chatbots work for you! 


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Just Get Started 

One of the most important things for course creators to do is just get started. While you might recognize this as a common theme in our advice for customers, it’s so necessary to make sure that you’re able to succeed. Even if you think you don’t know anything about Facebook chatbots for course creators, if you don’t understand coding, and if you’re not even that familiar with managing messenger, you must get started as soon as possible. And, if you’re ready to try out Many Chat to get started with your bot, use code Kelly1free to get a free 30-day trial of the pro version! 

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Facebook chatbots for course creators