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How to Build Brand Authority with Nkiru Akusa

In this episode, I interview special guest Nkiru Asika. Nkiru has been featured on CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, Dallas Morning News, Business Day and many more outlets. During our interview we discuss strategies to build your brand, grow your authority and stand out to others with an authentic message. We also talk about unique selling propositions and how to connect with your community before you sell a service, course or program!

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Table of Contents

Communicate Your Unique Selling Proposition

Are you underselling yourself? Are you worried that others don’t quite see you as a brand they can trust or showcases your experience? These are exactly the kinds of questions and challenges that Nkiru helps online business owners overcome using brand authority. By helping identify your unique selling proposition, you can transition from an unknown virtual resource to a sold out profitable brand. So whether you are an online coach, service based business owner, or course creator – you need a specific unique selling proposition to market and sell your programs and services.

building brand authority

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Leverage Other People's Platforms

One major aspect of becoming an expert is by leveraging other people’s platforms. Nkiru says that becoming an expert doesn’t happen overnight. By leveraging other people’s platforms and making strategic business relationships, you can showcase the best tips and tricks to others, grow your audience, and build a connection with them. These fabulous relationships can include being interviewed on podcasts, becoming referral partners, creating joint ventures, creating multiple digital products. These types of magical relationships can help you grow, even if you don’t have a large following. 

Define Your Ideal Client & Market

 Are you solving a pain point? Are you trying to solve everyone’s problems or do you have a targeted solution for a specific client or audience? By establishing your authority and becoming more visible is to share with people your unique message to support your clients and customers. Your message will be helping your clients and customers to really dig deep into the solution that you offer.  

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Create A Nurturing Campaign

Are you looking to find out the best way to launch to your course to sales instead of crickets? Take a listen to Nkiru who says that usually you can give away more than you actually think! When you share free resources with your audience that are strategically created with the intention of showcasing your program – you’ll find that people will be much more interested in your offers – rather than second guessing. Nkiru’s clients often triple their fees for their services because of the fact that they can overcome common objections simply by becoming an expert in their niche. Call it lead generation or nurturing, you need to create a connection with your audience to promote it to the world. 

Find Your Authentic Marketing Method

A common mistake that Nkiru says that others fall into is by trying to copy what others are doing instead of finding a system that works for them. Asika says that her content marketing takes people along a journey and sometimes not every “template” or script will work for each individual. Some may prefer email marketing, others might prefer videos. What it comes down to is being consistent with your social media and marketing presence. 

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