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Zoe Linda Affiliate Program Toolkit

How to Create an Affiliate Marketing Program

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How to Be an Authentic Affiliate Marketer

Attracting the right students into your courses and digital products and programs requires that you show up to be more of yourself. Zoe Linda, who worked professionally for large organizations and brands building parternship programs, wanted to create something magical with her course The Affiliate Program Toolkit. Zoe emphasizes the importance of being yourself on the interview and hints that relating to your audience’s personal interests is far more important when building a personal brand. Beside’s Zoe’s impressive resume working for some of the most well known digital marketers for brands like Systems Saved MeSummit in a BoxCasey Legal, and so many more, Zoe’s love for Harry Potter gifs, Brooklyn 99, and relatable personality won me over to become one of her biggest raving fans. Her emphasis on human connection makes her easily stand out from a loud digital marketing space.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

I help them in a way where it's really focused on the human connections, it's much more focused on the one on one relationships that you have with people and seeing your affiliates as, as individuals, rather than seeing your affiliate team as people that are going to bring you money.

How to Create an Affiliate Program for Your Digital Product

“No one is really teaching the knitty gritty of this for digital product creators,” says Zoe. So she set out to build an affiliate marketing program for beginner’s with the digital course creator in mind all the while infusing her magical personality. Zoe shares that one of the main benefits of having a strong affiliate marketing program for your digital products and templates is that you can create a program that will refer you sales without having to pay up front – making it ideal for both parties involved. After working closely with 1:1 clients, she started to see a recurring theme. People needed help creating the many moving parts of creating an affiliate marketing program – the outreach templates, the tech setup and tutorials, and the overall timing and strategy. Zoe says that this approach is much more accessible for many digital product creators in that you can make more evergreen digital product sales.

Keep Track of Frequently Asked Questions

Wordsmithing is no doubt one of Zoe’s unique talents. Writing down and keeping track of frequently asked questions is one of Zoe’s methods to creating copy that converts into a sale. She recommends that it’s essential to write down these questions and incorporate them into your sales copywriting for your own products and speak to these questions with your copywriting for your affiliates as well. A self proclaimed Ravenclaw, Zoe is incredibly organized and methodical with her tutorials inside of the Affiliate Program Toolkit.  Her growing library of ongoing resources such as email marketing swipe copy, affiliate marketing launch calendar, and her helpful responses in her growing online customer Facebook group make this by far one of my favorite investments in my business this year. 

Find Great Affiliate Partners

Other tips Zoe shared that finding great affiliate partners starts with supporting your current students. These students will then recommend your products and services. This is the most logical first step in creating an affiliate program. By creating a program that supports, nurtures, and develops your existing customers you can create an evergreen ecosystem of referrals and affiliate sales. Other helpful recommendations include finding similar podcasts that your audience listens to and seeing if they can become an affiliate, connecting with people that have a similar audience, and even following and reaching out to people through Instagram that your audiences follows. 

affiliate marketing for beginners

When someone signs up to a program, they don't want to spend hours digging around trying to find their links [or] promotional materials. So the main overarching theme is easy access, and easy access to somebody to talk to.

Provide Easy Access to Promotional Materials

Easy access was a main theme in my chat with Zoe Linda. Providing your affiliate partner with easy access to you, their affiliate links, essential information about the program, and promotional materials is a big essential. As someone who has personally used email swipe files from Zoe’s program – I can tell you having access to these materials is such a time saver – especially if you are simultaneously providing services while also creating digital products like myself. Marketing your courses with the help of an established affiliate, especially in the B2B space, can be a powerful way to not only generate more sales but impact the ongoing relationships with an potential customers. The most important part of an affiliate marketing program includes social media graphics, email marketing material, essential dates and program descriptions, as well as easy access to affiliate links. For some brands, such as the beauty industry, this can also include DM swipe copy if your audience communicates through instant messenger.

Advanced Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Some other advanced affiliate marketing strategies include creating JV webinars or creating social communities on Facebook or Slack to support your affiliates. Zoe says that the key is typically a one time setup and doesn’t require all the bells at whistles at first. “The affiliate program toolkit was created with digital product creators in mind. The initial idea was everything done for you, everything that’s done for you that can be done for you is and everything that isn’t there’s ongoing support the facebook group video tutorials. And I really just wanted to like the main kind of vision was I want people to stop spending so much time just learning about affiliate programs and give them the tools to actually implement,” says Zoe. 


Zoe has an incredible amount of resources inside her Affiliate Program Toolkit and I personally recommend her course for anyone that wants to build a profitable affiliate program for their digital products and templates. If you decide to invest in the Affiliate Program Toolkit by using my referral link, I’ll give you a $200 credit to use for any of digital products or consultation calls. Just send a quick email or message me through my chat on this page if you have any questions. Zoe also shared some free resources like the Affiliate Program Starter Guide and other helpful resources like the Affiliate Program Starter Kit. Was this a helpful blog post? I’d love to know your thoughts about affiliate marketing!